Sonko’s Rescue Team Is A Bunch Of Sexy Ladies (Photo)

We are all aware of the government’s laxity in providing social amenities and other important services, so the creation of Sonko’s Rescue team is heaven-sent.

The team offers free ambulances, security patrol services, wedding limousines, fire response services, hearse services, clean water tankers and garbage collection services. In addition jobs have been created.

Sonko has given Kenyans another reason to celebrate, the eye candy.


One thing is for sure, Sonko’s rescue team will lead men to start devising creative excuses to head to the ER.

We are likely to see more men needing rescuing just for the attention of the bevy of beautiful ladies that form the Sonko rescue Team.

Well Played Mr. Sonko, Well played

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Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Plunges Himself Into Music

sonko musicNairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a man who is capable of doing almost anything. The flamboyant senator is known for his flashy lifestyle, philanthropy and many other things that have made him a darling among the electorate.

This time round, Sonko is not disappointing either as he plunges into music to defend the Kenyan police who in many occasions are seen as enemies of the people.

This irony has led to a frosty relationship between Kenyans and the Police.

This explains why artistes have come up with songs that are meant to reduce the bitterness exhibited every day.

The latest single has featured Mike Sonko, as he joins police officers to create a rapport with the public.

Sonko appears to appreciate the efforts made by the officers to create the rapport.

Here is the video to the song: