Mudavadi-Raila-not-in-any-talks-says-ANC-official-364x245The ODM statement is a confession that leavbes no doubt as to where leaks of working documents meant to undermine NASA unity have
been coming from. It is confirmation that ODM is negotiating in bad faith. This is bad manners that shouldn’t be entertained in any negotiation.

ANC reiterates that its representatives are not aware of a formal report authored by NCC for the attention of and shared with the Principals on the matter of flag bearer.

Partisan positions taken and proposals made by NASA partner parties at NCC are neither fait accompli NCC nor NASA documents.

To applaud the leaking of such raw and deceptive presentations as germane NCC reports is to say the least, undermines NASA unity at the behest of external anti-NASA forces.

We are outraged – and Zani ought to know – that admission by ODM party that it is responsible for dirty propaganda leaks undermines the credibility and integrity of the NASA process.
This level of arrogance shouldn’t be entertained.

Indeed, this is why NASA Principals have reprimanded premature leaks of working documents and asked NCC to prepare a comprehensive report of its activities to date.

Zani is in error of judgment purporting to speak for the NCC. It is only the Co-chairs who are authorized to speak for NCC as a team and can vouch for authenticity of documents.

The last time the Co-chairs spoke they disowned what ODM through Zani now owns.

Zani gets the mandate of the NCC wrong; NCC doesn’t have the mandate to identify a NASA flag bearer.

NCC is an organ of the Summit and cannot purport to require the principals to consult it.

It is this flawed arrogation of assumed mandate by a party to negotiations that could jeopardize NASA unity of purpose.

Godfrey Osotsi
ANC Secretary General

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