Luhyas Are Not Ready for Another Raila Treachery

By Alex Mwambu Wakoli


We should learn to respect the voice of voters. The claim by ODM that the demos in Kakamega was an act of NIS is propaganda. I have always said that you are at liberty to betray Musalia and Kalonzo as many times as you may wish but you can’t betray their followers. We had plans to stage our demo in Uhuru park but our intelligence revealed to us that ODM had instructed goons to disrupt us. We therefore shifted grounds to Bungoma but our intelligence advised us otherwise. That Bungoma ground will not have an impact claiming that Bungoma has always been a swing ground falling in Jubilee favour. Our intillegence also revealed to us that Wetang’ula might shift his interest to the senatorial slot because Jubilee is gaining grounds in the region. So we shifted our grounds to Kakamega. The home believed to be Raila’s stronghold. The two counties, Kakamega and Busia are believed to be Raila’s strongholds but we are determined to win them away as Luhya leaders. We can’t allow to be used any more by either Jubilee or ODM. Neither NIS nor Musalia were aware of our plans to demonstrate and we have got our own financial muscles to stage a successful demo without the help of ODM or Musalia. This was purely planned by Luhya aspirants and Luhya opinion leaders without the knowledge of Musalia. Jubilee moles in NASA were of the opinion that we give them time to declare their top man but that would have been too late. We yet have a major demo after the declaration of the flagbearer. This will see the Luhya community cut its ties with ODM as we leave Musalia with Raila as his flower boy because we have been sharing with him but he does not take us serious. You can’t claim that Musalia has no votes yet the Luhyas are number two in the population besides sources reveal that Luhyas will be number one in the next report. It’s true Luhyas did vote for Raila compared to Musalia because the probability for a Raila win was higher than for Musalia and this has made them lose hopes in Raila. It’s also true that we don’t turnout in big numbers because our leaders let us down. They are always supporting other leaders. We send them there to take care of voters interests yet they go there to agree to the interests of other leaders. Don’t think that Luhyas are fools; we know how to play our games and we are soon going to pull out.



The author is an aspirant for Kilimani MCA seat,Nairobi

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