NASA ‘s Victory is Pegged on Choosing Musalia


By Alex Mwambu Wakoli
Sources have revealed that the NASA’s 12-man team have been influenced by Jubilee to fight for Raila-Kalonzo ticket and now it’s obvious that the four principals will have the final say on the candidate after being informed that Jubilee and state machineries have infiltrated the technical team and are out to do all at their disposal to scoot a NASA winning formula.
As l have always said, it has been revealed that Raila is the most favourite candidate for Uhuru. The report released last week by experts that Raila-Kalonzo combination is a sure bet was mere propagandas by Jubilee kitchen men. Jubilee has been salivating for Raila-Kalonzo because they are well informed that without Raila on the ballot, Kenyans from central will not turnout in big numbers to vote and for those who will turnout, might also vote in favour of Musalia because Uhuru is always preaching against Raila so the Kikuyus are safe in the hands of Musalia. Kikuyus vote in mass as a result of Railaphobia. If Musalia is chosen then Uhuru will have nothing to campaign againt him. Infact Uhuru and Ruto have never mentioned the name Musalia since they took over power and they will never mention him if he is given the top job but prepare to leave state house. In fact the Kikuyus and Kalenjins claim that Uhuruto government has sidelined them.

This is true owing to the fact that these two regions are already in their ballot with Raila on board and this has forced Uhuru of late to make trips to the region. If Raila is picked the flagbearer then Uhuruto will have alot to campaign against Raila. The president will pitch a tent in both Western and Ukambani in effort to lure the region’s vote bloc. Uhuru has on several occasions postponed his tours to western fearing the Nasa wave of Jubilee tawe(No to Jubilee) which will be weakened after the community’s demands are not met as far as the Nasa torchbearer is concerned. They will pitch a tent in western claiming that Musalia supported Raila as VP in 2007 then Kalonzo suppprted Raila in 2013. So if he is a democrat then he should support one of them but he can’t because he has always been a selfish leader who always put his interests first. Uhuruto will capitalize on Kalonzo MoU to finish Raila in Ukambani. He will ask them why always Raila. I as well don’t support either Raila or Kalonzo’s candidature because these guys have been in government since l was born yet they have nothing they can show off in favour of their community. Kalonzo can’t even survive out of the government for more than five years and this is supported by his claim that he must be in the next government by all means.. Kalonzo is as good or as bad as Uhuru. The only sure bet for NASA is Musalia. Musalia has got what it takes to get votes from Rift Valley and even Central. Musalia also stands a chance of attracting some votes from central Kenya. Kenyans are really tired of this government but they are not ready for Raila government. The Luhya community is also set for a demo if Musalia is not declared the flagbearer. We can’t have two principals on board then be left out. Raila has no option but to go for Musalia-Kalonzo ticket if he wants Uhuruto to be send home and also avoid a fallout in NASA. If Raila is declared the top man, jubilee will make inroads in opposition zones of Ukambani and Luhyaland. Raila has done nothing for his community and even Obama knows that a child in central Kenya has high chances of survival than a child in Nyanza. This is because the Centralians have been empowered. Museven has also said that he was doing well with Uhuru when he took over power but later Uhuru started pulling in a different direction as he has denied him(Museven) tenders amounting to billions. So he will throw his support behind NASA if only they give the top job to Musalia lest he will support Uhuru.
KANU was also for the idea of supporting NASA until they realized that external forces were for Raila. KANU was for Musalia-Kalonzo ticket and this made Jubilee to shop KANU to their side. This would have added more weight to NASA. Jubilee is well aware that if NASA names Raila as flagbearer, voter turnout in Jubilee strongholds of Central and Rift Valley will be over 97pc in all the polling stations and that will give Uhuru a firstround win. In fact, Uhuru’s fear is that if Raila is not Nasa presidential candidate, there will be voter apathy in central. To him, his tribesmen will feel at home in the hands of Mudavadi hence no need to vote.
The wishes of the majority from central and Rift Valley l have interacted with are for Musalia-Kalonzo if not they will vote Uhuruto. Raila should be created the position of a powerful chief minister because the combination will be a sure bet for Nasa unlike creating for Musalia of which am sure with Raila at the top they will be out of government.

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