By Alex Mwambu Wakoli

Reliable sources have revealed that Dr. Kidero could be secretly funding Sonko to the tune of millions knowing that once Jubilee nominates Sonko, then Kidero would be as good as elected. Dr. Kidero has funded his own reality research and realized that Sonko was voted for by the majority of Luyhas followed by Luo’s then Kamba’s and a few Kikuyus majority of whom voted for Wanjiru. The research has also revealed that the same Luhyas and Luo’s who voted Sonko voted Dr. Kidero for governor and they can’t vote Sonko as a governor. In actual intellect, Sonko will have no votes if he go it alone owing to the fact that PK will get away with the majority GEMA votes as Dr. Kidero takes his share of majority Luo votes and share the Abagusii and Luhya votes with PK depending on how PK is going to align himself with Luhya and Abagusii leaders. The research has revealed that PK has an upper hand over Dr. Kidero if Sonko go it alone and that’s why he want to use Sonko push him out of the race. Actually, Dr. Kidero has no chance of adding votes on his previous votes but PK has a chance of eating away both Luhya and Abagusii votes from Dr. Kidero’s camp.The research has also revealed that most of the Nairobian are well informed about the duties of a governor and they can’t afford to vote for Sonko who is a pure activist. The research has also revealed that majority of the voters are not for Kidero with the team because they have nothing to show off to the Nairobians for the last five years.
Then there is a group of State House operatives working behind the scenes to lock out PK from Jubilee ticket. The pro-Sonko team at state house, sources reveal have been telling Ruto’s allies that in an event that he is allowed to vie for the gubernatorial seat, then Ruto should expect PK to be the Gema’s presidential candidate. The Ruto team now seems to have bought the idea that PK is scheming for the 2022 presidential race and now seems to be backing Sonko’s bid secretly. Ruto should not worry about PK but should come up with a strategy on how to convince Kikuyus and Kenyans as a whole why they should vote him as the president. The 2022 presidential race will be a very new unpredictable battle ground. Ruto should therefore even trust PK more than Sonko becuase PK is a sober leader; a kind of a leader Ruto can interact with at par unlike Sonko who is very dynamic. So many leaders the likes of Dr. Kidero and most of the governors are set for 2022 presidential race. Sources reveal that PK might break the Kikuyu presidency cycle by going for Nairobi governor again or for Deputy president. Ruto should worry much about Raila who if he loses will still be on ballot, Dr. Kidero, Moi and Sonko but not PK. He should even be close to PK than any other person.

By Alex Wakoli
Kilimani MCA Aspirant 2017

2 thoughts on “WHY DR. KIDERO IS FOR SONKO

  1. I would have love Jimnah Mbaru but since we on,y have clowns contesting,let’s try the better of them who is Kidero.


  2. Sonko is the next Nairobi governor. he communicates so well with the common mwananchi. Pk has no chance at all. good riddance to Kidero.


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