By Alex Mwambu Wakoli

As the saying goes united we stand, divided we fall it’s obvious that the NASA community has never been united on how to pick their presidential candidate from day one. They should be informed that it is no longer about Raila, Musalia, Kalonzo or Wetang’ula but it’s all about Kenyan’s interests. It’s true Kalonzo has been given an offer by the antagonist but he is yet to give in to their demands in hope that Raila is going to step down for the sake of our mother country and victory over their common enemy. The idea is not for Kalonzo to be given the top job but to give the top job to a leader competent of beating Uhuruto by eating into their vote and that’s none than the NASA initiator; Musalia Mudavadi. Kalonzo is well informed that Raila Kolonzo ticket will yield nothing better than the 2013 results. Besides, Kalonzo is well informed that the forces against Raila from his many enemies can’t allow him ascend to power even if he wins. But because for Raila is not about winning but business as usual, he can’t understand the logic of stepping down for another leader. Sources reveal that Raila might not step down for Musalia in fear of losing alot of revenue associated with the party business with the governors forgeting that he will gain more while Musalia is in power because his business with the governors will go on as usual and he will also gain owing to the fact that they will make the next government. For sure the entire country is tired with this government but they are not ready for a Raila government as for fear of the unkown. Raila faction has also lost hope in him owing to the fact that they have voted for him more than twice without returns. Kalonzo is set to jump out the ship if Raila it not ready to let it go. Let every Kenyan be informed that Kalonzo has not been bought yet but he is in NASA to stay only if Raila let it go for the benefit of the entire country. The issue is not all about who is popular but it’s all about removing Jubilee out of power. Let no leader blame Kalonzo for jumping off the ship because it’s all about self interests now in NASA and all the leaders ought to be blamed. Raila has refused to step down becuase of his own benefits and Kalonzo want to jump because of his own interests. Kalonzo will only remain on board with a new face at the top. A leader who is peace loving and a friend to all the leaders from all the angles of the country. A leader who when he wins, will not be Donald in the making. A leader who will not provoke the dead to rise vote. A leader who will work in harmony with all other the leaders across tribes. A leader who will not provoke the government to invest alot in security in fear of opposition’s snub to accept results. A leader who when he wins, the president will willingly hand over power in peace. A leader who will not provoke the government to stop mass action after elections. This leader can’t be Kalonzo neither Raila. Without Musalia at the top, it means Kalonzo out of the camp then NASA will lose its meaning. Meaning, the camp will lose western bloc, Coast bloc and Nyanza bloc. If Kalonzo gets out of the camp Musalia as well will be discouraged thus the entire Nation.


  1. Musalia Mudavadi is the most suitable to be the able candidate. He can be both a unifying presidential contender and the leader if given the opportunity.


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