A Waweru/Sonko or Sonko/Waweru Ticket Still Viable


*Politics is a game of interest and has no permanent enemies*

Jubilee will win presidency but and balance with NASA governors.

The notion of jubilee is loaded will cost them MP,women rep and senator seats coz after nominations those who lose will have no option but to either support opponent or influence their supporters to support the opponent.
NASA has put it open that u cab either vie with ODM,ANC,wiper,Ford Kenya or any other affiliate party.
They have distributed their risk.

Back to nairobi county Hon mike sonko is fighting for his position which he has invested so much in .Sonko was forced to Do a degree so that he can vie for governor and he feels bitter that someone who once called the president a criminal is out to displace him in the name of Murang’a mafias.
The two leaders can work together and make Nairobi county a better place if they agree.
We know sonko has numbers and if those numbers are utilized well then definitely they will make sonko a governor.

Sonko all he needs is to start behaving like a governor and wear the image of the governor for the sake of the corporate votes. Since sonko is the sonko who will always remain the sonko of the people then he needs a deputy who has a corporate image.

PK has the corporate image but lacks the youthful numbers in him.The poor Nairobians in slums who are the majority will definitely vote for sonko coz he has always been available when they have problems.

PK combination with sonko cannot work out coz they all want the gubernatorial position and each feels more superior than the other.

Now we left with no option but a combination of Sonko and Dennis Waweru or Margret Wanjiru.

What if PK decides to go independent? Then it means Kidero will get a smooth landing atmosphere and will beat them both with a landslide.

I’m forecasting the jimna mbaru ,waititu 2013 election repeats itself if we not wise enough and it will give Kidero an early victory.

Jubilee needs not to betray sonko for his loyalty to the party.Let’s not make Nairobi county gubernatorial race look like a Kikuyu agenda.

Party leaders Uhuru Kenyatta and William RUTO jubilee Nairobi county aspirants need urgent prayers and define intervention or else NASA will bag everything .

All jubilee aspirants majority being youthful will use all means to secure nominations coz of the notion that jubilee is loaded but some will lose to NASA if jubilee is not going to solve this crisis and bring in a genuine broker for negotiations coz nominations will be chaotic not only in Jubilee but NASA as well but with NASA RAILA has always given a ticket to the highest bidder mean it will help reduce the level of chaos .

*Mercy juma. JM*
Cc president

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