KENYATTA OTIENO:False Belief vs False Hope


I receive a lot of inbox msgs from many people on varied issues, but these two cought my attention and left me thinking…..
1. “Chuny Piny or whatever you call yourself, leave Uhuru alone, you can do nothing. We won and we will continue ruling, take your criticism the President and your poverty to Luo nyanza where you worship RAO. We will continue to rule wether you like it or not”….. Antony Kimani.
2. Chuny Piny stop your unwarranted criticism of RAO. If you want, you can as well migrate from Luo Nyanza and live in central Province. We know you are a jubilee mole and you earn your living through criticising RAO. We will deal with you when RAO takes over power in August. RAO will be President whether you and your jubilee sponsors like it or not”…….. Vincent Ochieng.

Now, these two msgs kept me thinking. I swore to loook for the two guys and engage them one on one. I started with Kimani. I inboxed him back and we began chatting. I created an artificial friendhip with him on facebook chat. Yesterday, after 3 weeks, we finally met. Kimani is a 27 year old man from Kiambu county, he lives in Mathare valley slums and is a youth winger to one of the city politicians. He has a diploma in Business Administration from KIM and has been jobless since attaining his diploma 7 years ago. He lives with three other friends in a one roomed structure in Mathare valley slums. He earns his living through handouts from politicians and odd jobs here and there. I understood his frustrations. We are now friends. He believes if Raila takes over power, he will be poore than he is. He feels richer than all Luos because Uhuru is President.

I am yet to meet Ochieng but we have engaged well on inbox. Ochieng is 26 and lives in Kibera, he did his KCSE exams 7 years ago and has not proceeded with education ever since. He is a water vendor in Kibera and its environs. He ocassionaly gets handouts from politicians. He has a firm belief that a Raila presidency will get him out of poverty and anyone attacking Raila must be fought. I am still looking for him.

Kimani and Ochieng represents a large section of young kenyans, particularly from the two main sides of the political divide. While Ochieng lives on false hope, Kimani lives on false belief. Kimani is poor yes, but because his tribesmate is the President, he believes he is not as poor as Ochieng whose tribesmste has not been President and will ‘never ‘ be. He must therefore defend the Presidency because should it slip, he is most likely to end up as poor as Ochieng. He is ruling Ochieng by tribal association. Ochieng, on the other hand , feels he is poorer than Kimani because Kimani’s tribesmate is President. To him, Kimani and his tribe is the reason he is poor. He can only get out of Poverty if Kimani’s people leave state house for Raila Odinga……… FALSE BELIEF VS FALSE HOPE, THE KENYAN SITUATION!!!!

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