MESSAGE TO NASA:Don’t Be Selfish

By Alex Mwambu Wakoli
NASA team should stop selfishness as they explore ways to pick their candidate. As Kalonzo said, he must make the next government. So give Kalonzo hope of making the next government. You cant make the next government by tailoring the elimination options to suit a particular candidate.
You cant claim you are going to base who to become the flag bearer on the previous performance of the candidates when its obvious Raila has always been at the top in polls. The issue is not all about performance of the candidates in past general elections to be used to determine whether each has a solid support base in their respective areas and around the country but it is all about who among the co-principles has what it takes if given the ticket to eat into jubilee strongholds specifically the Rift valley and Meru region. This is none than Musalia. Kenyans are yarning for something new from the current government but not Raila. Give Raila the top job and a repeat of 2013 election will come to pass. This will add no votes in the basket. It will further demoralize Kenyans and other leaders the likes of Kalonzo. This will not give NASA a knew face but it will just make it a new version of ODM. Kenyans want change not ODM in a different name.
Ngilu meeting Kalonzo is not just for free. It might be another project in the waiting. How can you base on the likely candidate to get support outside his own political turf without the support of the other co-principals yet NASA co-principals need the support of each other unless you want to alert us you are under the pay slip of one of the co-principals. In other words, all the candidates need each other to sail through. The NASA team should weigh the candidate based on who among them would not provoke a hostile response from Jubilee strongholds that would make even the dead to rise up to vote. In other words Jubilee strongholds vote not because they like their candidate but they suffer from Railaphobia. They are convinced that Raila will take over their businesses. If Musalia is given then Jubilee have no business voting in big numbers so it will be easy for NASA.
Musalia is likely for the very first time to get votes as a bloc from his stronghold and if is not picked then the Luhya vote will swing like never before meaning the Luhya vote will go in all the directions as always.
Kalonzo should ignore the hand behind his unity with Ngilu and cooperate. Your agreement was between you and Raila. The agreement should only hold if it’s Raila being given the top job. If it’s Musalia you should relax and wait for victory. The hand behind your unity with Ngilu might be great but it’s not bigger than Kenya and your victory in NASA with Musalia as the flag bearer. All will be well under NASA with Musalia as the top guy. Kenyans vote in fear of losing property and revenge from other leaders and post election unrest. Musalia is self made; the kind of a leader who can work in harmony with every leader and this is the kind of a leader Kenyans need.

The writer is an aspiring MCA for Kilimani Ward on an ANC Party ticket.

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