Why Raila cannot be President of Kenya

By Hon Isaac Mwaura, CBS


I have worked very closely with Raila Odinga for over 10 years in my political journey. Many people will claim that it is Raila who nominated me to parliament, that is far from the truth, my nomination to Parliament was deserved, and even when Raila wanted me removed from the party list, Anyang Nyongo, Janet Ongera and Henry Kosgey are the ones i could credit for defending me. After CORD lost the Presidential election, again Raila went to the IEBC to have my name removed. When that didnt work, we were called at his home to have us resign but we refused.FB_IMG_1489382920121

One of the reasons why RAILA will never be president is that, he doesnt not value Youthful candidates because they do not have money to bribe the party leadership for nominations tickets. This way all youthful candidates will fall off along the way and will not be on the ballot and hence, their peers and relatives will have no reason to vote. Look at the turnout in Rift Valley, it was purely because of fielding youthful candidates. I have seen some serious youthful aspirants in ODM the likes of Edwin Sifuna, Anthony Kibagendi, Sylvanus Osoro, Ahmed Papa, Babu Owino and all the others, they are foot solidiers and defenders of the ODM party and Raila, but they will be dealt a serious blow when nomination day comes.I remember Sifuna made Ababu Namwambas exit from the party look like child play, while Osoro and Kibagendi have defended the ODM party in Kisii to the man..

In ODM, there is a systematic scheme by the party leadership to lock out any promising youth. Raila only believes in using the youth, not empowering them.

Secondly Raila defends mediocrity, ODM governors have performed dismally. They have looted their counties dry, and share their loot with the party leadership and that is why he wants them to get direct tickets to defend their seats. The same governors are dictating to Raila on who should get ODM tickets for MPs’ and MCAs’ positions in their respective counties. Remember the old adage that “he who pays the piper, calls the tune”.

Fourthly, having been in ODM, and now deeply in Jubilee, i understand the levels of disorganization in ODM, and being the biggest partner in NASA, they will definitely infect Wiper and ANC with that very disorganization. Raila is a truly disorganised person who largely survives on the sheer force of personality. He thrives in rallies, but does very little planning on how the entire process should run, yet politcs 101 states that you must plan all the way to the end. Raila will cancel all his meetings, that would add alot of value to his campaign, if you hurriedly presented him with an opportunity to address a mammoth crowd like the one Jubilee has just had at Tononoka grounds. He recruits some of the the best brains, but never wants to spend his money on them. He wants people to work for him pro-bono. Thats why he ends up having only afew Luos working their backs off to take him to the illusionary state house.

Finally, RAILA long lost the reform agenda. He banks on his hey days of the 90s but Kenyans have since moved on and his brand of politics have been overtaken by time. He creates a storm indeed a crisis for purposes of giving him political mileage after solving it. He thrives in telling ‘vitendawili’ and propaganda, which Kenyans have now become soo used to.

He needs to have an agenda of his own.
Raila is definately not what Kenyans are looking for. His party hawks nomination certificates to the highest bidder essentially selling leadership of our dear country to boot lickers, crooks and hangers on!!

He has hijacked the reform mantra only as a posture to his brand of politics of subterfuge and iconoclastic deceptions.

Looking back, I see Governor Miguna Miguna was very right inthe assesment of the man.

It is for these reasons that I will be running on a JUBILEE Party ticket. I have more space, i speak my mind and in any way, theres no pretence. Raila looks attractive from afar but when you get to know him, he is not a reformer but a politician like any other. In fact a two faced individual who you will find so hard to trust. As a shrewd politician, i respect him. But he is definately not the solution for Kenya. Thats why most politicians and fellow Kenyans are leaving him in droves.

One thought on “Why Raila cannot be President of Kenya

  1. Mwaura,I pity you. Let’s see if you will be on the ballot on Jubilee ticket in August. May be you hope to be ‘nominated’ again. Otherwise in April you will be crying in your house. So you were a mole in ODM? IT IS GOOD YOU have owned up.


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