Okiya Omtatah is at the Bungoma High Court, prosecuting the case he filed on 6.02.2012 to recover the 843 acres of land (Nasewa Nucleus Estate of Busia Sugar Factory) from Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero and other land grabbers. Kidero working with others grabbed community land belonging to sugar cane farmers association (West Kenya).
WEST KENYA’s petition against Busia Sugar factory at the High Court in Bungoma county has just succeeded with costs to the petitioner, Okiya Omtatah to be paid by Busia Sugar co. The licences for Busia Sugar Co. have been cancelled, for having been acquired illegally and unlawfully.
The Court decision has been stayed for 30 days to allow Busia Sugar to appeal.
Apart from looting Mumias Sugar Company into stone age, here is another example or evidence that Kidero is bad for anybody and everybody especially Luhyas. That is why I am asking my people to look else, vote someone else but not Kidero. We must avenge our people, the sugar cane farmers!

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