Some precedents are hard to break without consequences. When Governor Kidero of CORD beat a popular Ferdinand Waititu of Jubilee in 2013, while many reasons for the eventuality were adduced, one stood out. Kidero had outsmarted Waititu by scouting for a youthful running mate from a prominent minority tribe without surly baggage where Waititu had settled for a Mzee in Evans Achoki in the last minute.

Many political Pundits argue that had Waititu not been misled by unscrupulous Kisii elders to drop Hon Millie Omanga who was his first choice, chances are his numbers would likely have reflected a different picture and he would have made history as First Kikuyu Governor.

Evans Achoki was a greenhorn in the city politics where Jonathan Mweke had tested his mettle in Nairobi politics in 2007 vying for MP in Westlands. Jonathan Mweke also enjoyed full support of his Wiper Party, then a partner in CORD coalition where Achoki hardly had backing of the fledgling Ford People in Nairobi.

This says two things about choosing the right running mate in Nairobi County. One, the right candidate is one drawn from at least a minority community within the coalition commanding significant numbers in the County. Two, the right running mate should enjoy the endorsement and support of the coalition partner from which he is drawn.

It would also help if the chosen running mate is not a political greenhorn in the city and say s/he has vied before and understands the dynamics. Having said that, a good running mate is the one who compliments the ballot candidate without necessarily being thinking s/he is too popular to steal his show.

No one wants a repeat of the Governor Alfred Mutua versus DG Kiala debacle. It helps matters even if the running mate is ambitious, he is not racing against time and would therefore not pose the risk of challenging the Governor candidate should he opt for a second stab at the seat after the first term.

Now, if that is the criteria, who fits the bill for Running Mate for Nairobi Jubilee candidate, Peter Kenneth? We will not discuss Team Nairobi as they appear to be spoilt for choice with Mike Sonko, Dennis Waweru, Margaret Wanjiru and Johnson Sakaja (who has been missing out of action lately) preemptively available to play second fiddle to whomever in their ranks wins the prize, or so they would have Nairobians believe.

The focus is on Team Peter Kenneth where the real challenge will be choosing running mate should Peter Kenneth win Jubilee nominations. Whether Peter Kenneth can or cannot win not the question, we neither have time, space or jurisdiction to explore the matter, after all its why Nairobi Jubilee is a divided house as we speak.

So, by the above criteria, how does Fwamba fair and why do we assert he is the best-suited Luhyia to be Peter Kenneth’s running mate? By elimination, there are three minority communities whose interests have to be factored in Nairobi Jubilee gubernatorial politics: Kambas, Kisii and Luhyias. So far, Kambas are represented in Team Peter Kenneth by Mutinda Kavemba (preferred Senator Candidate) as are Kisiis who are represented by Millie Omanga (preferred Women Rep. candidate). This leaves Luhyias and so by our criteria above, Peter Kenneth’s deputy Governor had better be a Luhyia. One plus for Fwamba.

Now that we know that the ideal Peter Kenneth’s Deputy Governor candidate should be a Luhyia, how do we find one who meets the second condition? For emphasis, the ideal candidate is one who besides coming for minority community enjoys the endorsement is affiliated to the right party currently or formerly. In this case, Luhyia are represented in Jubilee by former New Ford Kenya (NFK) members led by Eugene Wamalwa. Peter Kenneth cannot pick a Luhyia outside former NFK membership and think that will be all. Another plus for Fwamba, who is formerly a staunch NFK supporter.

So, who amongst Nairobi Jubilee politicians is a Luhyia, a former staunch NFK member and enjoys unconditional support of Eugene Wamalwa and can rally and cause Luhyias in Nairobi to support Peter Kenneth (PK) for Governor? Only one man fits the bill: FWAMBA Nc FWAMBA. When most Luhyias in Nairobi who support Jubilee see Fwamba Nc Fwamba, they believe he is carrying with him Hon Eugene Wamalwa’s message.

Hon. Fwamba Nc Fwamba is Wamalwa’s most trusted and loyal Lieutenant in Nairobi and beyond. For most Luhyias, if Eugene Wamalwa will not be the Nairobi Governor candidate, their only fitting consolation is his right hand man, Hon Fwamba. And, I dare ask, what a better match for Kidero’s Jonathan Mueke who formerly vied and lost in Westlands Constituency than Fwamba, his agemate and also a man who formerly vied in Mathare North? Even better, Fwamba was runningmate in the last elections alongside Jonathan Mueke, knows the ropes and can get the job done.


  1. I agree 100% this fits socially, strategically, politicaly, futuristic and honestly.
    Ian ndani ndani ndani kabisa


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