By Alex Mwambu Wakoli

Musalia promised to take us to Canaan but its obvious just like Moses in the Bible, Musalia might be left behind. NASA should be informed that candidates fight for their own interests; we careless about the number of positions or slots NASA shall win. We are more concerned with our party as ANC. We cant forfeite our political career for the sake of a few individuals in the name of NASA. Lets give Kenyans a chance to elect the leader of their choice.
Joint nomination with ODM is a game and we are not going to allow the ODM nomination hooliganism in ANC. If you are going to give in to the external forces to end your political career then do it individually. Please dont sacrifice your followers. Joint nomination for NASA is based on a few individual’s interests and we are not going to allow that to happen as we watch. We have applied for our nominations through ANC as a party so we shall not allow strangers to bully us during the nominations.
The nomination should be fair but not negotiated on which party should field a candidate where becuase this will kill some parties in some regions. For example if we agree on only ANC to field candidates in Dogoretti North and the whole of Western because of the ethinic distribution in these regions then we shall be assassinating other parties for example ODM in these regions.
We should not entertain joy riders from other parties. Lets give a fair ground for each candidate to fight for her/his space regardless of the party at final ballot. We should not also give space to selfish leaders to do business with party tickets.
Candidates make an individual decision to join politics and no leader has a leeway to tell a candidate that it’s for the party’s benefit to hold a joint nomination. Candidates join politics not to fight for parties interests but their own because candidates know very well that parties and mergers are formed to take care of a few individual’s interest. The only interest that the candidates have is the final ballot. Kenyan are now very informed people and no Kenyan shall allow the impunity that we have always witnessed in ODM cross to their parties. Give the candidates a chance to fight for themselves. Let the candidates meet on the ballot through the party of his/her choice for the smart candidate to win.

Wakoli is MCA aspirant for Kilimani Ward on ANC Party  ticket.

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