Jubilee Aspirant’s Letter to the President

Patrick Kamotho
P.O.Box 8668-00200,
Tell: 0775914444/0723033334.

9th March,2017.

Chairman, Jubilee Party.
P.O.Box 40530-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Chairman.IMG-20170302-WA0034.jpg


Salutations Sir, We are greatly honored by commendable and exemplary good work you, the entire Jubilee Party and secretariat are involved in. It’s my sincere observation that our party is geared towards a major re-election win if well handled and several key issues are addressed.

As a party leader your massage is coined under the party constitution which states “We welcome the active participation of all – and of women, young people, disable persons and minority in particular. We will ensure all voices are heard and contribute to the party’s efforts to enrich and advance multi party democracy and development in our great nation”.

Therefore I wish to invoke several party constitution articles that seem to be silently being overlooked.

Under our party structure the National Delegates Convention (NDC) is the supreme organ, which is tasked with determining parties policies and tasked with powers and duties such as determine the nomination fees, since we have not established NDC we therefore call for waiver and abolition of the recently stipulated fees which goes against the spirit and essence of Jubilee Party.

On behalf of fellow aspirants, I take this opportunity to request clarity of several key issues that will greatly enhance the vibrancy of our party or our down fall come August 8th, among them:

Mr. Chairman, sincerely how do we expect a Disable Person contesting for Member of Parliament position residing in Tarbaj or Banissa or Banya or at Todenyang or Endebess to be able to pay Ksh 250,000 plus be able to secure a good conduct, a certificate of clearance from HELB and a Certificate from Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission in a record 11 (Eleven) days,as was stipulated by the secretariat, under the revised Election Acts 2017 the above documents are not mandatory during nominations until the main national election, kindly engage the party counsel and remedy that position.

We the aspirants request for clear guidelines into party primaries nominations, we MCAs , MPs, Women Rep and Senators, request to be involved in determining the Polling Centers at ward level and at Parliamentary level.

The Jubilee smart cards which can be developed by fraudsters, have no any security feature that can determine genuine from fake, the Bar Code can be easily be published in a card. We therefore call for a Mlolongo kind of nominations exercise taking time simultaneously across all wards and constituency to avoid repeated or double voting.

To avoid double or triple voting in a polling station to the next, we request we alternatively call for participation of primaries via indication of member registration Sms and supported with a National Identity cards or passport. If the first cannot be realized we call for equal smart card issuances to all aspirants, since we have rumors the opposition governors masterminded securing the cards to influence the voting of a weaker candidate, we hope the exercise will be free and fair , lastly if the cards are not available or have shortcomings we the Nairobi County aspirants advocate that we go for the party nominations via “Mlolongo” for all registered members.

INCUMBENTS MCAs/MPs/Women Rep/Senators and Governors.
Dear Sir, during one of last year Infrastructure Forum which you hosted at State House ,you indicated and stated the problem you and the government is facing especially in war against corruption, you reflected on the need to tame this vice, Its your opportunity Mr. President to redeem yourself and nurture new faces that will be emerging get into the political position ,but going by the recent obstacles being placed against aspirants such as the exorbitant nomination fees, I wish to state that come August national elections we will be leading from opposition.

To avoid this scenario,its better we request under the power conferred to you through the party constitution to directly nominate and appoint gubertorial and Mps in areas we have our strongholds, this can be achieved through consulting the National Intelligence research on the ground for best candidates instead of party wasting funds and resourses in nominations that have possibilities to be marred by corruptions ,money laundering and outright disputes ,hence the outcome will have a greater repercussion than if you handpicked your preferred candidates.

Following the recent sentiments from headquarters, disowning some small affiliate parties which support your reelection such as Chap Chap,PNU, I strongly advice you stand a chance to clarify and dispute that stand, unless Jubilee Party doesn’t want KANU and Chama Cha Mashinani support in Rift Valley,kindly advice and engage Kenyans to support your reelectuoin no matter the party.

On 2002-12-2009 you stepped down on behalf of Hon Mwai Kibaki, it was a great pain and anguish for some of us, whom by then were young and unable to register nor vote for you. I take request we reflecting on that fateful elections. I quote your verbatim while conceding defeat “Definetly there was a mood of change in the country and the perception that was put across by the opposition was that we were not the change that Kenyans were looking for. I think that the perception had a lot to do with it. But we take it up from where we are , and we look positively towards the future,” Quote from .www.voanews.com/a/a-13-a-2002-12-29-8-kenyatta

A good experience is the recently concluded Ghana elections, where Mr. Nana Akufo-Addo won by 53.8 % against the incumbent President John Mahama, Ghana has half of Kenya Population, but with political similarities being a British Protectorate. Listening Mr.Mahama reflections into the elections you find it interesting that a majority of youths felt short changed during their party nominations exercise which took place four months earlier on, the shambolic nominations which the incumbents members of parliament and ward representatives won ,led to his down fall.

Thank You Mr. President , Chairman of Jubilee Party.

Yours Faithful,

Patrick Kamotho.
Aspirant Starehe Constituency-Royal Member Jubilee Party.

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