By Alex Mwambu Wakoli

IMG-20170302-WA0150Reliable sources has revealed that ODM is loosing potantial candidate to other parties with the fear of what happens during the nominations. ODM has been associated by direct ticket broking where Raila’s relatives are assured direct tickets. For those who are not relatives are forced to bid high to have a ticket. The big question comes how can you tell you are the highest bidder. The sources reveal that candidate pay in tune of 5M and above. This has made Raila to be comfortable in the opposition coz its is business for Raila. Sources has revealed that Musalia stands a high chance of winning over UhuruRuto with the support of Raila; this is because it have been revealed that more than 70% prefer Musalia over Uhuruto coz of their underperformance while less than 20% would vote Raila over Uhuruto coz they have trusted Raila as a result of Mau issue and his relationship with Ruto. Joho’s support for Raila is as a result selfish interest. Joho want Raila to support him owing to the fact that the government is on his neck. The reliable sources reveal that Raila might force his way as the NASA candidate and he will still be on ballot come 2022 as he will not be satisfied with the OEBC results. The problem will not be with the IEBC but the forces will come from Railas enemies who will never allow him take power while they are still alive. The problem with Raila just like Ruto, they have more enemies than their voters. Sources also reveal that Raila has not groomed any leader but has hanged many politically for example Orengo, Tuju and Ababu. It has been revealed that you cant shine under Raila’s regime and survive. Ababu was given an office without powers but when he left ODM fielded propaganda to finish him politically. Sources reveal that the only leader Raila has groomed politically is Ruto who is belived will inherit Raila as a life time opposition leader. Sources also reveal that Raila is known to take over other leaders and there after finishing them politically. For example starting from the current. Musalia’s has been ranked the most trusted party in the country with the candidates and it has attracted more candidates than ODM accross the country and thats why Raila has plans to finish it. Musalia might again fall prey to this if he is not very careful and he might just be branded another name after Huhuru’s MAPEPO name. Another project that Raila took over is Ngilu and Wamalwa Kijana’s project to support Kibaki. RAILA actually was of the idea to work with Musalia but he was already gone with Moi to support Uhuru so he has no option but to joing Ngilu and Wamalwa who were already supporting Kibaki and he said Kibaki tosha yet it was other leaders project.

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