It’s to my prayers and hopes that Nairobians are very imformed citizen as far as voting is concerned and they are going to vote in leaders who think with their brains; sober leaders with a vision for Nairobi not hooligans who use their pockets to think. PK’s journey to become the Nairobi governor did not start yesterday; it was not his own decision but a combination of very big brains who believed in him. PK is not just an ordinary leader; he is a leader God send for Nairobi and for the entire country at large. Most of the Nairobians accross tribes and parties are excited to vote over one leader and that’s coz of change they believe in PK. I have been following PK closely even before he made up his mind and l have realized he is one of the most exceptional leader that our country deserves besides leaders the likes of Tuju, Musalia and CS Wamalwa. They should also apprehend their potantial and become antagonistic; they should bring to an end their stewardship regime. Stop bending too low and start making your own decision as independent leaders. I dont support a trailing leader neither do l support leaders for favours. I take my time before l support a leader neither do l shift goal poles. Nyakundi is here to back me up. l have all along been supporting without fear or favour
Musalia for presidency
PK for Nairobi governor
HON. Omanga for WR
Kavemba for Nairobi senator and am now supporting Fwamba NC Fwamba as PK’s deputy.
These leaders are sober leaders with Nairobian’s interests at heart. PK has a strong team that will enabled him to cut accross the parties and tribes.
For those claiming that Sonko is popular should advice him to use a small party coz popular candidates don’t need the support of any party. Sonko have no place in Jubilee because he adds no votes to the Jubilee presidential candidate. Sonko got about 800k whereas the president got about 600k votes meaning the 200K votes were Kamba votes being controlled by Kalonzo. In real logic, Sonko has no votes in Nairobi coz he got 600K president votes in the name of party votes and 200K kamba votes which are in control of Kalonzo. Sonko won because of his community but he has not done anything for Nairobians and his community to brag about. For Sonko it have been PR in plenty that the Nairobians are used to. Sonko should do something big for Nairobi but not mere cheap PR to reach afew Nairobians and the rest on the TV; do something to reach every Nairobian. Nairobians want to feel real change not change on the media. I can associate Sonko’s PR with the polls results. These guys never reach Nairobians, we only watch them on the TV with their fake polls. Nairobi deserve sober leaders with big brains.

Alex Wakoli
MCA Aspirant Kilimani 2017

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