By Joseph Mulwa

I venture that the very existence of Team Nairobi in protest of PK’s entrance into the Nairobi Gubernatorial Race is all the evidence we need that Mike Sonko himself fears he doesn’t have the numbers to trounce Kidero come August 2017. If Sonko is fearing running against a late comer to Jubilee in party nominations, how will he beat Kidero who is an incumbent?

For emphasis, I repeat that the very existence of Team Nairobi in itself is an admission of the team members that PK threatens their fickle interests. Why would Dennis Waweru and Mike Sonko not want to face a candidate they dismiss as unpopular if they have the numbers as their spinners would have us believe?

Beyond the bravado, it begs the question, if PK is not worthy candidate, or cannot beat Sonko as the Team Nairobi bloggers and number fakers would have us believe, why are they killing themselves trying to thwart his candidature?

No general of a superpower, as Sonko supporters would have us believe he is a political powerhouse, loses sleep over a threat from a third world country. Sonko need not feel threaten by PK’s candidature unless he has been selling us nonexistent popularity.

That Sonko and Team Nairobi are going out their way to detract from PK’s growing popularity in Nairobi is evidence that someone may have been faking popularity. And thankfully, Jubilee Party didn’t bite the bait as it would have likely risked a massive loss to Kidero by fielding the nonchalant Sonko for Governor.

We challenge Sonko, if he is popular as his numbers cooks and minions have projected him to be, to at least pretend to be ill at ease waiting for Jubilee nominations to settle the scores with Peter Kenneth. Enough of propaganda, Team Nairobi should spare themselves the embarrassment and admit before its too late that PK is the real deal.

Finally, brotherly advice for Sonko and Team. Too much ambition breaks a man, too little takes him nowhere. Settle back into the Senate seat before someone grabs it away. But you should not delude yourself that you are the Jubilee front-liner for the Nairobi Senate seat anymore.

Hon Mutinda Kavemba has done a decent job so far and it appears its dawning on many Nairobians that he is the right man for the job you have done poorly the last poor years. In fact, Kavemba’s partnership with Team PK and Millie Omanga for Women Rep promises to best your 2013 record numbers.

Of course its inevitable Sonko will think going back to Senate after all the huffing and puffing is too little too late to satisfy for his overgrown appetite for power. If that is the case, brother Sonko, your best chance is to fight for Deputy Governor before its off the table. You could even fight for pecks as accompaniment if you must to appease your power hungry handlers who are pushing you to political suicide.

But we must warn Sonko that emerging rumours say that Fwamba Nc Fwamba is being considered more valuable as running mate for PK than any of the Team Nairobi members with their bloated egos and political incumbency baggage.

After all, Fwamba Nc Fwamba comes with moneyback guarantee as the most senior Luhyia candidate vying in Nairobi to draw a chunk of the massive community votes in the city to Team PK. And his candidature would go a long way to placate New Ford Kenya for it’s contributions in Jubilee Party. And, by the way, which Kamba Votes would Sonko bring to PK that Kavemba has not already attracted with his growing political profile as the go-to public defender in Nairobi?

Whatever you do, remember Icarius, flying too high comes with the risk of melting the wax holding the political feathers in place and no one wants you to end your political career prematurely. I am hard-pressed to not mention that Sonko’s political value is a depreciation track, and August 2017 is likely his breaking point, but lets spare that for another day.

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