Sonko Shoots at Youth & Kills his Gubernatorial Dream


By Gikonyo Waihenya

A video is in circulation within security circles showing Sonko pointing a gun at marauding youth as he fled in his state of the art vehicle in Dagoretti South Constituency Sunday afternoon. It is unclear if he fired the gun though a simple ballistic examination would provide the evidence. Others in the melee can be seen firing. A thorough investigation is underway.

The video was taken by the security team set up to monitor the Nairobi gubernatorial race that is quickly degenerating into a near death contest. Many analysts have said it is just a matter of time before a real blood bath takes place in one of these meet ups where the Sonko team has perfected the art of storming rallies by his opponents. He had late last year stormed a similar meeting in Dandora where Eugene Wamalwa was in attendance.

The thrashing and scare Sonko and area MP Dennis Waweru got from the team allied to Peter Kenneth has left the disintegrating Team Nairobi sunk after losing their street and home ground credibility after being humiliated by the humbly Peter Kenneth.  The event was hosted by John Kiarie, the Dagoretti South aspirant who has put fire under Waweru’s candidature and ensured Waweru cannot fall back on the seat after the impending Team Nairobi fallout.

Police had to pull out guns to identify themselves and stop a potential blood bath.

Today, Monday 27th February 2017 is the deadline the Nairobi team had to come up with a single candidate. Positions have however generally hardened with Sonko and Waweru holding out to a bitter end as Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Nominated MP Johnson Sakaja have fallen by the way side as they lobby for other positions within government.

The Dagoretti South incident is going to be the end of the Nairobi Jubilee Shenanigans. With so much at stake in the party, it is unlikely the two principals will take the Dagoretti shoot out kindly. The party cannot simply entertain bad news it can avoid and Sonko’s destructive path is completely unwelcome and must be stopped.

After playing hard ball for so long and dragging the hapless Dennis Waweru in his destructive path, it is understood that the powers that be are ready to dispense with Sonko from the Nairobi equation. He is more likely to join the presidential campaign team, a deal currently on the table that many have said is too good for him to refuse.

Other more competent and sober leaders are emerging around the Nairobi seats. These include the long term players like Millicent Omanga who many say could very well be offered the running mate position to woo Kisii votes under Peter Kenneth. Others are Fwamba NC Fwamba who was in charge of Eugene Wamalwa’s Nairobi campaign network that is now seeking a way forward. Mutinda Kavemba is emerging as the most likely Senate Candidate as Sonko slowly negotiates himself out of Nairobi with his crude belligerence. Kavemba has been at Peter Kenneth’s side since Kenneth walked into Nairobi where he has entrenched himself deep and square.

As for Dennis Waweru, many are left worrying for him like many do when they see an otherwise good boy led astray by the schoolyard bully. His state is increasingly looking pitiable.

The Dagoretti South football tournament ended after Sonko was whipped out. John Kiarie and Peter Kenneth addressed the jubilant crowd in a show that Nairobi kikuyu consciousness is slowly accepting Peter Kenneth as their man for the job. Youth were hard saying “Sonko niatige wana”. Enough said.


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