Statehouse call that Changed Nairobi Politics


By Emmanuel Khisa

An early morning call fropeter-kennethm the House on the Hill early this year dealt a radical surgery on Jubilee City Politics. Instructions were clear: To give Hon Peter Kenneth a political bill of life after some years in the cold and political oblivion. The tectonic plates had moved. Interests had to be shelved, dreams shattered and careers broken to prepare for the Kikuyu succession politics.

The message carriers moved with speed. A well oiled campaign: PK had been endorsed. All the political power brokers and members of the infamous ‘Kata Squad’ shifted camps. They trooped one by one into PK’s office and got a share of the piece of meat.

After months along the corridors of the infamous 6th Floor on Maji House, the Kata Squad members have now found a new song. The same song they sang for the Water and Irrigation CS Hon. Eugene Wamalwa barely two months ago, ” It is PK’s Constitutional and Democratic right to vie for any seat in this country.”

Lest you forget, before we get lost in the new forest, or is it in the old monkeys, think about the broken dreams, the broken careers and the interests that had to come to a premature end. What about the Finances? The time invested in this? And the tribal endorsements some candidates had received?

It may be too late, decisions may have been made, but my two cents to the decision makers, do not make it so simple for Kidero to be re-elected. Jubilee must take charge of Nairobi City since it will not be incharge of Mombasa City and Kisumu City.

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