Nairobi Women Representative Race:Karen Nyamu Gives Opponents Sleepless Nights

By Maurice Wamalabe

It is not every day a political seat attracts a candidate who makes you think the post was carved into the Constitution with her in mind. But you can’t help think in those lines watching Nairobi Women Representative Aspirant  Karen Nyamu going about the motions of endearing herself to Nairobians.

If there is such a thing as a candidate who is over-qualified for a post, Karen Nyamu fits the definition. She is more than qualified to be next Nairobi Women Rep.

With a Masters degree in Law and a post graduate diploma in Law,Karen is not only among Kenya’s top-notch lawyers and she is also one of Kenya’s top women professionals. She has been practicing law for more than 10 years which qualifies her to be a judge of the High Court of Kenya.

In that time, Karen has actively engaged with diverse clientele and gained the experience and exposure necessary to handle the rigours of public office such as Women Rep. Karen has also handled several public interest cases for free to promote the welfare of the disadvantages and therefore, she means what she says when she brands herself as the Lawyer for Women and Children.

No doubt, when the framers of the Constitution of Kenya established the new political elective post of Women Representative in 2010, their intention was to avail women, youths and children an elected representative who understands and is able to articulate their issues and agenda in the male-dominated National Assembly without fear or favour. Karen Nyamu’s slogan says it all about how she sees her role, namely: “Wakili wa Mama na Hustlers” and she believes she can over deliver as Nairobi Women Representative.img-20160906-wa0301In her words,Karen rightly sees her role as Women Rep as being the voice of the voiceless and those susceptible to be marginalized. And that is how she has gone about her business of campaigning for the Nairobi Women Rep seat since she declared her candidature in July 2016.

Karen has distinguished herself in the two months she has been in the political race as one candidate who is ready to go to any lengths to meet and interact with her constituents and has severally honored invitations to fundraisers and meetings deep into informal settlements.

Karen has also come across as the unifier candidate who is ready to work with all the Jubilee Nairobi gubernatorial candidates unlike her competitors who were quick to allign and take sides.

Asked the motivation behind her willingness to work with all leaders of goodwill, Karen explained that she believes that there is but one Jubilee Party and where necessary leaders should be able to put personal interests and differences aside to deliver the best services to the people.

Today,  Karen is seen as favourite and mainstream candidate for the Nairobi Women Rep barely two months into the race. She has forced her opponents who were quick to underestimate her partly due to her youthful looks and also because of her brand as “Bae wa Nairobi” (Nairobi’s Sweetheart) to eat a humble pie.

Karen has also added the much-needed vitality to the Nairobi Women Rep race which had degenerated into baby-shower photo-ops affair before she came into the scene.

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