Sonko and Dennis Waweru Tell Uhuru to “Go Back to Gatundu!”

By Gikonyo Kimani

At an event in Riruta Satellite on Monday evening this week, a mad thing happened that has left the whole of Nairobi and Kenya shocked. Dennis Waweru and Mike Sonko were announcing their partnership, a discordant and doomed marriage at best. It’s obvious that it will hardly last a week before Sonko stabs Waweru in the back; no pun intended. As ridiculous as this partnership is, it is the choice of words they chose to announce it that left everyone stunned at just how silly otherwise seasoned politicians have become. Sonko and Waweru committed political sins that even the Pope himself cannot offer absolution for.

Dennis Waweru was the first on the ambulance microphone, a setting that clearly demonstrates the critical condition of their political careers. In a bizarre admonition of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Waweru tells the President to go back to Gatundu and leave Nairobi to its owners. Waweru foolishly tells the president that if there is any seat the president has to give, it is the Gatundu seat and not any other anywhere else in the country and especially not Nairobi.

Sonko then comes in and reiterates the message dismissing the president on his stand on the Nairobi race. In an equally careless and base talk, Sonko refers to Eugene Wamalwa as “Waziri wa Matope” to which Dennis Waweru gleefully nods to. It is absolutely confounding why Sonko would refer to a ministry in a government he serves as Matope which by extension equally sends the message that “Uhuru ni Rais wa Matope”. It is the kind of statement one would make carelessly in a bar while drunk or among friends in jest but definitely not in front of cameras. It is this absolute lack of decorum and appropriateness in Sonko that has left him high and dry in Nairobi.

It is understood the two were reacting in defiance to an order the President gave about two weeks ago in which he read the riot act to all Nairobi politicians opposed to his plan for the Jubilee Party. At the meeting Maina Kamanda was tasked to bring the whole Nairobi jubilee leadership together and offer it direction towards the President’s wish. The Monday after, a meeting was held where Kamanda pledged to assist the team in Jubilee to winning all the Nairobi seats. Eugene Wamalwa was in attendance and is possibly going to be the party leader in the city.

It is very possible that both Mike Sonko and Dennis Waweru who have clearly chosen to take the president head on will have to pay for their sins. Whatever form it takes, it is going to be difficult watching two otherwise promising political careers fade into oblivion. It was absolute madness by the two. It has been said that those whom the gods choose to destroy they first make mad. That ambulance must have been for dispatching the two to the Mathari Hospital for the Politically insane.

One thought on “Sonko and Dennis Waweru Tell Uhuru to “Go Back to Gatundu!”

  1. They are right let their be democracy and there no seat to be freely awarded even for the waweru and sonko they must convience the voters


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