Sonko’s Response to Eugene Wamalwa is Boyish at Best

By Justin Nduva

Since his foray into Nairobi politics, Eugene Wamalwa has caused political and emotional upheaval across the political spectrum. Dennis Waweru has become emotional and lost all sense of strategy. Johnson Sakaja has all but disappeared since the Luhya card he hoped to play now has a real owner. Mike Sonko has reacted to what he considers a direct breach of his territory by unleashing two weapons in his characteristic slum dog honcho style.

Sonko’s entire Nairobi strategy is right now built around discrediting, intimidating and coercing Eugene to leave the city or enter into a political compromise under Sonko’s terms. It is evident that Sonko is unhappy at the political partnership between Eugene Wamalwa and Margaret Wanjiru that has already hit the ground in the city. Sonko has brought his entire machinery including reviving the defunct Sonko Rescue team he had disbanded in honor of advice from his late father and has built a small time gang of hooligans to threaten violence against Eugene.

Sonko Rescue Team Water Trucks

The moment Sonko confirmed Eugene’s candidature his desperation led him to a tactic that would undermine Eugene as Water Cabinet Secretary. Sonko immediately converted a petroleum truck into a water dispensing truck without the knowledge that water dispensers are made from different materials and require different specifications. It has been said that the trucks have been dispensing water that is possibly unfit for human consumption. For Sonko, as long as he can discredit Eugene’s work as water CS, he doesn’t care whatever happens to the people.

Sonko and the Hooligans

In the last weekend, Sonko has disrupted two events where CS Eugene Wamalwa has been chief guest just to show who is boss. In Dandora, Sonko planted an advance team that would create disorder, receive him and install him to speak the moment he arrived with a plan to speak down at Eugene once he had the microphone. Eugene quietly left the stage leaving Sonko with no one but his hooligans and high school students to address. At city stadium this last Sunday, Sonko sent a group of hirelings to chant down the CS while he spoke. This time, they were easily silenced but nevertheless made their point.

A Leader vs. Hooligan?

It is uncharacteristic that such a cool leader as Eugene could raise such heat this early and unnerve a seasoned politician like Sonko. The Senator is dealing with Eugene in the same way he deals with his type. He forgets that Eugene is not only cool but unmoved and unperturbed. He forgets that his theatrics and hooliganism only reinforces Eugene’s image as a cool non confrontational leader in the face of a petulant school yard bully. Eugene’s response makes Sonko look like a boy fighting a gentleman. Bullies and hooligans win every now and then but power has always belonged to gentlemen.


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