Washed Out Marende Settles for Nairobi County Speaker in Kidero Line Up

By Benard Kuchio

Kenneth Marende is like grey clouds that bring no rain, so say his former masters who have given him positions where he has miserably failed to deliver.

The fortunes of the once touted Solomonic former National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Otiato Marende continue to tumble from their 2008 high. Kenneth Marende is a grey cloud that brings no rain as his godfathers have learnt. Raila Odinga was the first to drop him after Marende tried to play a non existent neutrality in the 10th parliament. He soon fell into hard times in 2013 even being sued for child upkeep by an estranged lover.

William Ruto picked Marende up and installed him as Kenya Power Board chairman where he has failed to deliver either for himself or his master. Enter Kidero who has now picked up the washed out Marende and offered him Nairobi County Speaker to woo transient Luhya votes. Marende has been more than happy to oblige Kidero as his list of sponsors dwindles.


The string of opportunities Marende has failed to cash in for himself and his masters reads like a list of the biggest misses ever. In 2008 with the opportunity to entrench Raila’s claim for presidential power in parliament, Marende chose to play a neutral role days after being installed by Raila to ODM’ great loss and anger. The 10th parliament continued to be a losing ground for Raila despite having the numbers and a speaker who choe to play his own game contributing a great deal to the sense of loss that preceded Raila’s 2013 electoral loss.

In a bizarre political calculation in the 2013 elections, Marende chose to align himself with jubilee even where Jubilee had its own candidate for speaker in Justin Muturi. Raila was happy to let Marende hang by his own noose. Thereafter Marende quickly fell into hard times and was soon being sued by a lover for the upkeep of a lovechild. Ruto rushed to save him with a job as Kenya Power Chairman. Marende has been a big failure at KPLC overshadowed and outshone by company CEO Ben Chumo. Marende had the political opportunity to own the national electrification program and cast it as a political success for his masters but he chose to sit aside even as Ruto moves up and down switching on the country.

While this wasn’t enough, two heavyweight and politically significant positions have come up where Marende was a perfect shoe in but then again he failed to show up or deliver. Marende was being proposed for either Chief Justice or IEBC Chairman, a place he would serve his masters better but it was too late for him because he had been found out as a man who cannot deliver on any assignment. People with money, property and stakes in the country have categorically refused to let Marende ever have any other position of authority.

Orphaned once again, Marende has now fallen into hard times again and just found a new sponsor in Evans Kidero. The Nairobi governor has been eager to find a suitable Luhya Strategy for his re-election bid and has found a big name ready to be used for little pay as is Kidero’s strategy with Luhyas. Marende has been given the Nairobi County Assembly Speaker in return for running along Kidero in their outfit to whip up Luhya sentiments.

I   t is sad that despite having been chairman of a parastatal with an annual procurement budget of over Kshs 100 billion, Marende has nothing to show for it and is now dependent on Kidero handouts to canvass the city. His 30yrs junior Ms Moneybags Milly Omanga has on the other hand been raining money over the city with abandon. Milly has made a fortune for herself and for her master DP Ruto from her Junior Board Membership at Kengen where she has hugely profiteered from its annual procurement budget of over Kshs 52 billion. Milly Omanga has been in charge of all women procurement that has hit over Kshs 20 billion since she was appointed. She makes Marende look like a kid on his first day at school

Marende’s string of failures to deliver for himself or his masters has become the laughing topic in political tea circles where many have complained on his failure to follow through on deals and agreements. the joke is for anyone to show one person who has prospered from Marende’s patronage; there is clearly none. Whether Marende is plain lazy or just entitled is a thing for an analysis on another day. For now we wait to see how long Kidero can baby sit the man who as Kidero will come to find out, is like smoke in your eyes. All the best Kidero.


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