Maina Kamanda Violently Evicts Noah Wekesa from Nairobi Jubilee Meeting

By Gikonyo Kimani

Nairobi Supremacy wars shamefully found Jubilee Party Co Chairman Noah Wekesa at an event he was to receive defectors to the party. Maina Kamanda goons violently disrupted the meeting shortly after Hon Wekesa took the seat.

The goons demanded to see a bona fide jubilee face oblivious to the fact that Noah Wekesa is the only one of two people who truly belong to Jubilee Party.

The growing intolerance of a section of the current Nairobi Jubilee establishment fronting Dennis Waweru for Governor has now turned violent shaming the party even before its official launch.

The obvious message Maina Kamanda is sending is that other communities are not welcome to Jubilee. The defection was to be led by former Wiper Governor candidate Mutinda Kavemba who was leading other CORD aspirants into Jubilee.

This is bound to complicate the President’s efforts in bringing other communities to the core of Jubilee as such violent resistance by Maina Kamanda types sends the wrong message.

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