CS Eugene Wamalwa’s Nairobi Bid to Boost Jubilee Numbers in Luhyaland.

Political rumors doing the rounds that CS Eugene Wamalwa is salivating for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, are definitely giving incumbent Gov. Evans Kidero a quick stomach. Doing the quick political math, and especially, the fact that there is a looming Luhya/Kikuyu coalition going into 2017 General Elections, Dr Kidero has every reason to be a worried man. If this coalition turns out to be genuine and serious, not like the jokes that befell Hon Musalia Mudavadi, then Kidero’s goose is cooked!


Political economists tell us that Nairobi has an economy the size of Burundi or Rwanda, and its Governor is the third most powerful position politically in the whole country. Since Hon Wamalwa is the third principal in the Jubilee coalition arrangement, it is only wise that Wamalwa as the senior most Luhya leader should be given the mantle to preside over Nairobi. Or rather it is time that Jubilee expanded it’s coalition, or what do you think?


Luhyas are the second largest community in Kenya, but unfortunately because of being “not selfish” their numbers have historically not worked for them. They have always cast their votes to the four winds and reduced themselves to political paper weight.


The community and region should be embarrassed about carrying this dubious and stupid voting tag of swing region. It is time Luhyas woke up and made their numbers work for their political interest(s).


During the last General Elections, Jubilee did not have a narrative for Luhya vote. There was no serious offer on the table for Luhyas. They did not incite and excite selfish reason for Luhyas to vote into the Jubilee basket.


Entry of Hon. Wamalwa in the Nairobi gubernatorial race on Jubilee party may be what is needed to excite a Luhya renaissance, and cause a spin in the national electoral map.

There is evidence that the rumors of Hon. Wamalwa eyeing Nairobi presidency is tickling Luhyas into excitement. Everywhere in Nairobi, in bars, kiosks, marketplace, bus stops, and Luhya busaa hangouts, wherever you find two or three Luhyas gathered, the conversation is being punctuated by slogans like “…waLuhya, sisi si wajinga…” or “…mambo yanabadilika…”


Could it be that Eugene Wamalwa has come of age politically to take the mantle of uniting Luhyas, a fete only his late brother Kijana Wamalwa achieved?


It is obvious that no Luhya will make it to State House in 2017. Since Luhyas are not stupid they should refresh their memory and remember what has always happened whenever they have worked with GEMA.


When we worked with GEMA under NARC government, the late Kijana Wamalwa became Vice President. When we worked with GEMA, Uncle Moody Awori became Vice President. On the other hand, what can Luhyas show for working with Luos?


If Jubilee strategists are likewise not stupid and throw Nairobi governor in the direction of Luhyas, does your political math like mine calculate that President Uhuru Kenyatta could be headed for 70%+1 victory?


In other words, with a guaranteed Eugene Wamalwa Governorship in Nairobi, Uhuru Kenyatta is guaranteed a convincing win in 2017 election.


By George Nyongesa

Busia county

Jubilee Party Co-Chairperson poses a photo with Nairobi MCAs during a dinner hosted by CS Eugene Wamalwa at his home in honour of Nairobi grassroot leaders.65 Nairobi City MCAs and 18 members of Parliament from Western attended the function.The leaders proclaimed their support for CS Eugene Wamalwa to be elected Nairobi Governor in 2017 under Jubilee.

One thought on “CS Eugene Wamalwa’s Nairobi Bid to Boost Jubilee Numbers in Luhyaland.

  1. It could be another chance for wamalwa to revamp his political career. This is only premised on trust from the jubilee kingpins. Or else, it can be the start of his political oblivion. It’s the two sides of the swot.


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