Mt Kenya’s Embrace of Eugene Wamalwa Sends Nairobi into a Political Storm

There are few political moves that introduce seismic shifts in a political establishment like Eugene Wamalwa’s candidature for Nairobi Governor. This last Sunday in a church service in Kiambu, four Mt Kenya Legislators, Ferdinand Waititu, Jude Njomo, Kanini Kega and Mpuuri Aburi sought to introduce Eugene Wamalwa as a trustworthy and formidable ally the community can embrace for future political alignments.

The message was well understood but went further. The push for Eugene to run for Nairobi Governor as the first political alignment he and the Mt Kenya community can craft together has raised a furore that’s the stuff of political dreams. A perfect and timely storm if ever there was one. It introduces a credible third principle into the Jubilee core of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

Ferdinand Waititu’s endorsement is a big deal for Eugene Wamalwa. Waititu has quickly risen to the rank of political enforcer for Mt Kenya politics and specifically for Uhuru Kenyatta’s home ground politics. It is to be remembered that when Uhuru launched his signature move to save the region’s men from killer brews and drinking, Waititu was the lead enforcer in the project.

Waititu holds immense persuasion and credibility with the Kikuyu as he has shown his political militarism and put himself on the line for the community goals, property and unity; things that immensely matter to the community. The jubilee candidate for Nairobi Governor in 2013 has in essence handed over the baton to Eugene. It is now definitive that Waititu will not be in the race as lead candidate as he will be the most credible in passing the message that a Kikuyu can’t win Nairobi without a credible 2nd force as partners.

The fact that the first place for Eugene’s introduction was Kiambu County is significant in the matrix of Kikuyu and Nairobi politics. Some parts of Nairobi are Kiambu ancestral lands. The Kikuyu from Kiambu are also the largest block in the city. Within Kikuyu politics, the sibling rivalry between Kiambu and Muranga is significant and the Kiambu have made a first move on Nairobi.

The presence of Kanini Kega from Nyeri was also a masterstroke in bringing in the third sibling into the mix and the extra presence of Mpuuri Aburi from Meru means the Muranga block is the only one that still remains out of step with their brethren. The politics has only begun and will continue to play as we see Eugene move from one Mt Kenya block to the other with MPs. The Mps are only breaking the ground for Uhuru Kenyatta to finally come and work on his people with a message that will ring to the heights of the mountain.

Equal shifts and turns have happened within Eugene’s Western politics. By being the second Luhya to announce his bid and the biggest and most viable so far within the Jubilee axis, Eugene has upset major moves by being first in time. CORD finds itself late in the game for Nairobi Governor which speculation has had that it might be taken off Kidero’s hands for a Luhya candidate.

Whichever Luhya candidate moves into that space now will be seen as reactionary and a spoiler for one of their own and will have a devastating backlash on him. It’s expected that Kidero won’t give it up easily and the fallout from the theft would completely work into Eugene’s hands.

The prime position of Nairobi Governor propels Eugene onto the highest levels of political office. Nairobi Governor is a walking distance to the Presidency, a fact that gives him Eugene the opportunity to make a more convincing case to the Luhya for support.

Huge realignments are expected in Nairobi, Mt Kenya and Western politics. While Eugene is a shrewd and strategic politician, for the first time extra ordinary political organisation skills will be asked of him. The embrace and endorsements are great but it is the enforcement that will matter and convince even his Mt Kenya allies that he can do the job. This time around, Eugene must immediately constitute a credible Luhya/Gema political machine that must subdue the hostile pockets of Nairobi establishment into submission. It is a tough job and if he pulls it through, Political Nirvana awaits him.

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