The Luhya community has been irreparably violated by Raila’s Wajinga slur.

By Hon. Musalia Mudavadi


Musalia-MudavadiIt has come as a shock to me that as a leader and friend of Raila Odinga, that a leader of Raila’s stature can insult the Luhya community as Wajinga. I have been taken aback; was this truly the same Raila the community has supported for over a decade or a reincarnated Joseph Kamotho of the ‘watchmen and cooks’ fame? The Luhya community has endured great humiliation supporting Raila. Is it his gratitude that the support has been because Luhya are Wajinga?


To hold the community in ridicule and treat its members with condescending contempt is least expected of Raila. As a community we feel we have been irreparably violated by Raila.  IMG-20160722-WA0257


Raila needs reminding that the preamble to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 expressly recognises communities with emphasis on unity in diversity. Article 48 bestows on every person the right to belong to any community and to form or join any association as a community. Article 10 (b) guarantees every Kenyan human dignity and non-discrimination.  Article 38 guarantees every citizen the freedom to make political choices.


It is therefore an inalienable right to be a Luhya, belong to the Luhya community, associate as the Luhya community and make political choices as the Luhya community.


It is least expected that Raila will join the company of Deputy President William Ruto who lately leads the dangerous trend of stripping the community of its human dignity. One least expects Raila to join the bandwagon of Ruto in being contemptuous and demonising the political choices the community makes.


The days are numbered for devious schemes that hold the community in political servitude. Western is not an extension of other peoples’ political fiefdoms. Mulembe nation and unity will thrive.


Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, EGH


ANC Party Leader


Philadelphia, USA, Friday July 22, 2016.

2 thoughts on “The Luhya community has been irreparably violated by Raila’s Wajinga slur.

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