Kavemba:I am Part of the Solution to Nairobi Problems

One of the Key things in my mind and heart as I seek the opportunity to represent Nairobians in the Senate is the State of our County Public Health Services.FB_IMG_1467789948394

This is because I strongly believe that our health is indeed our true wealth.

It is heartbreaking and Sad to see our People die out of very simple and curable health complications just because of being failed by our Public health Services in their hour of need.

It is clear that alot of work has to be done inorder to create a conducive environment for the actualization of article 43 of our Constitution on the socio-economic rights of Kenyans that include a right to quality and accessible health Services.


I very much look forward to giving my Contribution towards the same when elected as Nairobi County Senator as Follows;


1. As part of my representation and oversight roles I will ensure that a System is put in Place that ensures that all medical and Pharmaceutical equipment and supplies are procured only on need basis and as per the demand of the various health institutions that fall under the County Govt of Nairobi.

All health Centres will be supplied with the necessary medical and laboratory equipment and all hospital management teams will be responsible for maintenance of the equipment to ensure that they are always functional to serve the Public. As part of my oversight role i will ensure those responsible are held accountable whenever unexplained and unjustified failures become the norm.


2. Push for the establishment of Proper Control systems that ensure that all Medicine purchased for use in Public hospitals is Not only delivered as per specifications but also ensure that there is prudence in its dispensation so as to eradicate theft which is known to be very rampant in this sector.

Officers who do Not properly Account for medicine and other medical supplies under their care should be disciplined appropriately.

I will push for the putting in place of a tracking system that ensures that all Medicine and other supplies procured are tracked from purchase to delivery to the hospitals,to dispensing to patients to restocking and so on and so forth so as to ensure that the ever rampant and common diversion and theft of medicine and other medical supplies from public institutions is minimized if not completely stopped.

Cartels,Conflict of interest and complicity among staff have made it possible for purchases to be done on paper and payments done without any actual movement of goods taking place and the malpractise is said to have gotten out of hand under the current County Govt.

The above proposed tracking system will make such malpractises very difficult if not impossible.

Transparency of the procurement process will also go a long way in ensuring that it becomes difficult and risky in engaging in corrupt acts.


3. Push for adequate staffing in all departments in the health sector and for proper terms of Service. Lobby for all safety gear and equipment needed for staff to comfortably and safely perform their duties to be provided.

Push for holding Accountable all public health officers in the Conduct of their duties.

Such cases as the one reported at Pumwani where a couple lost their twins at the Maternity hospital during birth should never be heard of as the consequences will be too dire for any member of staff to contemplate being complicit in such a grave matter.

It is very Sad to note that No single member of Staff was ever Punished or held responsible for the grave act inspite of the evidence pointing to obvious cases of professional negligence and possible complicity on the part of the hospital staff.

Mama Lucy hospital is also very guilty of many cases of professional negligence that have severally led to loss of lives.

This is what I will be seeking to change as part of my oversight and representation roles.

I will push for holding accountable anybody who fails the Public in anyway in the delivery of public health Services to them.

Public officers have to be aware that they are paid at the taxpayers cost and thus have a duty to serve them properly and dilligently.

Public Service is a right Kenyans pay for through their taxes.


4. As part of my representation and oversight role I will push for the equipping with a Power Generator of all our 24hour Public health institutions and also the drilling of a borehole for all our Public health institutions that offer in-patient services.

This will ensure effective mitigation against the dangers,risks and inconviniences caused by the frequent blackouts and water shortages experienced in our City.


I strongly believe that we us leaders can greatly improve the living standards of ordinary Kenyans by just fixing the Public health sector and sparing the Public the burden of worry and cost that goes with being sick or having a sick one.

Sickness is known to have impoverished many well to do Kenyans just because of a failed Public health system and an inexcusable high cost of private treatment that takes advantage of the failures of the Public health Sector that serves and is the only option affordable to a big majority of Kenyans who are Poor.

Worst of all is that We have lost and Continue to lose many lives due to Preventable and Curable diseases,courtesy of our failed and Crippled Public Health Sector.


We need to do it because it is right.

Fixing our Public health System will show the Respect we have for Life and Good Health,the Greatest Gift from God.

Let us do it,”For God and County/Country”!

Our Health,Our Wealth!


It is doable if only the leadership can commit to doing it. The over kshs. 8Billion allocated to the health sector in Nairobi County by the County administration is enough to do alot more than is currently taking place if only the leadership stopped focusing more on investing tge money more on where tgey can essily access it through deal cutting and wheeler dealing instead of where it is genuinely needed and extremely necessary for effective Public health delivery.

It all rises and falls,starts and ends with leadership. We fix our leadership,we fix our Governance challenges.

I Commit and Promise to be part of the Solution.

A vote for me is a vote for a Solution.


Naomba Tafadhali.







Aspirant for Senate.

Nairobi County.


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