Hon Waweru:I Am Best Placed to Defeat Kidero

By Nairobi Confidential Correspondent


The race for the Nairobi gubernatorial contest has started in earnest a year to the polls after a Nairobi Jubilee MP officially declared his bid for the contest, vowing to give the incumbent Evans Kidero a bruising battle at the ballot.



Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru said he was better placed to unseat Kidero and asked his opponents in the Jubilee ticket to back his bid citing his development record as the Dagoretti South Mp in his four years in office.


While in a meet the people tour on Tuesday in Embakasi West, the MP claimed that the seat required a leader who was not tainted with scandals to input fresh leadership even as he accused Kidero of non performance and poor leadership. in running of county affairs.


“The occupant of the position should be someone who can manage the politics of the city and at the same time manage the county resources well. We have to move from complainers to being part of the solution bedeviling the city today,” declared Waweru.


While dismissing claims by some of his opponents that he was a novice in the city politics, Waweru declared he was in the race up to the ballot and refuted suggestions that he should step down in favour of another candidate.


“Those taking me lightly and running around with money will be in for a rude shock. I am in the race to the very end and will not step down for anyone. I have the energy, the time and the resources to mount a formidable challenge. Let them take me lightly at their peril,” he said amid cheers from the supporters.


“We have to set an example as leaders that you can be a governor without embezzling funds. We have to elect trustworthy leadership thus those contesting to make a name for them or to make money should be shunned,” he added.


In a chide on former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru, he said that those who had jumped ship to the ruling coalition will have to be vetted to ascertain that they are committed to their cause and not using the party to seek leverage to salvage what he termed as their dwindling political fortunes.


He also took a swipe at politicians whom he said are scheming to shift their political bases to Nairobi, saying that the city has capable leaders who can lead them.


”We will not entertain parachute politicians in Nairobi. The dynamics of city politics are very unique and it is only Nairobians who can address them. Let them know we shall send them back to where they came from,” he said.


He added that should he be elected, he will ensure that the youth and women will equally share Sh 200 million each year for every constituency that will go towards their economic empowerment.


He also announced that he would introduce a programme modelled in the form of the National Youth Service for the youth to keep them employed.


“It is a pity that from the combined Sh 30 billion per year that this county receives both its allocations and revenues collected, there is little development to show in the city. Where does this money go?” he posed.


Waweru further defended Jubilee from criticism by the opposition who accused them of bribing opposition MPs to jump ship to the government and instead advised them to sort out their own mess rather than blaming Jubilee for their internal issues.

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