What Saba Saba Means To Me

By Mutinda Kavemba

On this Saba Saba day,I choose to celebrate all those who fought for the 2nd liberation of this Country that started with repeal of section 2A of the then Kenyan Constitution which paved the Way for Multi-Partyism and which Culminated in the Passing and Adoption of the 2010 Constitution.


One of the most important Fruits of the 2nd liberation was the attaining of Political rights by Kenyans which gave us the right to freely decide which Political Party to Join and which Candidate to support in any election.

Am happy that I have thrice benefited from that Right by freely choosing which Party to Join.

In 2002,I freely chose NARC,in 2007 I voluntarily vied on a Narc Kenya ticket and in 2013 I again freely chose and joined Wiper and vied for Nrb Governor on their ticket.

This Month I have again freely and out of my own Volition chosen to Leave CORD and Join JUBILEE going towards the 2017 Election.


I don’t take it for granted that I can ENJOY this right to free Political Choice as I was old enough when the same was Not guaranteed to our Parents generation.


Am hoping and Working towards making Sure that I will be part of the Generation that will fight for entrenchment of Constitutionalism and rule of law as the key tenet guiding all aspects of the management of Public affairs so that we can once and for all slay the dragons of impunity,corruption and tribalism which have continued to impoverish and make hopeless a majority of our People.


I hope to one time be celebrated as part of the Kenyan Leaders who made the actualization of article 43 of our Katiba on Social economic rights a reality for the Majority of our People.


That’s why I today choose to Celebrate all the Heroes of the 2nd Liberation,Dead or alive,known or unknown.

May God bless you and your Families and may all the Souls of those already Dead Continue resting in Peace.


God Bless Kenya.



Mutinda Kavemba.

Aspirant for Senators Seat,Nairobi County.


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