Eugene Wamalwa’s Possible Candidature Sends Dennis Waweru into a Spin

Eugene Wamalwa’s Nairobi Governor candidature sends Dennis Waweru into a dizzying Spin.

Dennis Waweru has been playing musical chairs with city Luhya leaders in a bid to woo them to his corner. If politics is like juggling a liver, Luhya politics is like juggling two and a half of them. Waweru has gone hot, cold, hot, then cold again and is now just lukewarm. Touchy at times, he has shown an indecisiveness that brings to question his ability to lead the city. The possibility of a Eugene Wamalwa candidature announced through a column in the Standard Newspaper by Gichugu MP Njoroge Barua has all but sent Waweru into a spin.

The fact that the possibility of Wamalwa’s candidature was announced by a Mt Kenya politician whom Waweru had declared were all behind him has burst a leak in that myth. All of a sudden, all camps that were taking a break to assess the situation have woken up to the opportunity since it seems the contest is a free for all. Most emboldened is the Sonko camp which is now out to play the tribal card against Waweru. Word coming from Sonko team is that were he to lose the ticket, he’d ensure he does not lose it to a Kikuyu who would complicate national politics for him as well.

It is almost certain that the Nairobi Jubilee countywide seats will be decided in a boardroom if the party is to come out in one piece. The ongoing mudslinging, front and back stabbing by candidates and the national inclusion agenda is making it impossible to go to nominations without completely destroying the party image in the same way Siaya nominations did for ODM in 2013. In the same way the President has disbanded the PSCU for damage control, Nairobi’s politics will have to be decided elsewhere if jubilee is to come up with a team that can mount a credible challenge to Kidero’s campaign juggernaut.

While Waweru has been posturing with any Luhya leader with an opinion, he has also exposed his underside in his misunderstanding of the dynamics of Luhya politics. He has cavorted with Eugene Wamalwa, Kenneth Marende, Musalia Mudavadi and the lesser known politicians with whom he has made pacts and broken them all in one day. The complexity of Luhya politics will easily devour him seeing he has shown a casual and contemptuous understanding of the same. It is ridiculous that he is attempting to play Luhya Jubilee politics without regard to its principal.

The only way the Luhya can vote for a Jubilee candidate is if the candidate is a Luhya himself; plain and simple. Any other presumptions are wrong and will definitely lead to a Kidero re-election. The total number of Luhyas registered to vote in Nairobi is approximately 350,000, slightly larger than the votes in the entire North Eastern region. To assume that these votes are not critical at the presidential level is to live in culpable political ignorance. The only way to bring them to the table for Uhuru Kenyatta is by having a Luhya candidate for Governor. Eugene Wamalwa is not shooting from the dark as Sonko watches from a distance waiting to collect the spoils from the impending fallout.

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