Reports of Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko exchanging blows at a Senate sitting have brought to the fore the dearth of leadership in the city.

Coming after another highly publicized slap by the Governor on Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh, it brings utter shame and disrespect to the city of Nairobi, Kenya’s esteemed capital.

I condemn the hollowness, lack of restrain and decorum on individuals supposed to lead the County of Nairobi and by extension Kenya’s heartbeat.

It is time Nairobians realized the folly of electing into office cantankerous individuals and expect any meaningful change to our beloved city.

Exchanging blows at a meeting probing utilization of funds an audit of the city leadership is the lowest these two leaders have taken our city. We are not in the stone age the Governor and the Senator want us to be.


We must reject charlatans for leaders and get forward-looking and visionary individuals not prone to pettiness and quick to temper.


The tantrums witnessed in the Senate today between the Governor and the Senator must prick the conscience of every right thinking and self-respecting Nairobian.

Why should we continue being held hostage by such lack of thoughtfulness and uncalled for violence? Is this an example we want the world of civilized cities to see in us?

The challenges facing our city cannot be resolves through punches and slaps.

The garbage menace, unplanned buildings, land grabbing, traffic jams, clogged drainage systems, lack of proper housing, unconducive business environment and many other challenges will not be addressed by a leadership shallow on ideas but fast in throwing uncoordinated physical punches.

Nairobi County needs ideological heavyweights and leaders willing to punch higher for forward-looking and sustainable projects. The Governor and the Senator have punched too low for any sensible growth of the city. That is why we have stagnated for the last four years of devolution despite the billions of shillings allocated to the city County Government. We must now reclaim our city county from mediocrity and cheap notoriety. Let us do it, fellow Nairobians.

The writer is the Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South

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