Sonko Using Opinion Polls to Con Other Candidates Money

Sonko’s opinion poll propaganda machine CAP or Centre for African Progress has hit new lows as it is now being used to extort cash from other candidates. The latest poll was released after numerous calls had been made to the other candidates to pay up or face the music. Only Kidero paid up and saw his ratings rise from 24% to 30% in a week’s time which is ridiculous in off season politics. The sums being demanded are crazy but information reaching us shows that up to Kshs 10 million changed hands in the latest poll. Sonko’s old land dealing criminal tactics of extortion for which he is in court have now been applied to politics.

The recently released CAP opinion poll is unrealistic and completely falls flat at the face of science. It is largely believed the numbers are apportioned on a table and later justified using bogus science. Kidero is said to have demanded nothing less than 30% and miraculously, his ratings rose to 30%. The most glaring tell all sign is the number of the undecided. Never in the history of opinion polls has the percentage of the undecided been as low as 3% more than a year before the election.

Even during election times when people are completely engaged and charged, the rate of the undecided is usually higher than this. This statistical mumbo jumbo has been designed to make the race for governor a fait accompli. The idea is to completely lock out the public from imagining there is space for any other candidates other than Kidero and Sonko. Although a clever trick to the ignorant eye that Sonko has decided to turn his voters into, more discerning voters are seeing through it.

The saddest aspect of this no brain scheme is that mainstream media is being used to give it a stamp of approval. So far The Star, K24tv and KTN have been used as a platform to give the cooked up polls the authority and authenticity it badly requires. This will however come to an end soon as Governor Candidate and TNA Chairman Johnson Sakaja has officially written to the media houses as TNA chairman to complain of the unfair manner he’s being treated at the polls.

An accomplished statistician by training, Sakaja has penned a detailed petition that outlines the scientific nonsense that the poll is. Sakaja is particularly upset at the juxtaposition being made between himself and Fwamba NC Fwamba a relative unknown in Nairobi politics depending on who you ask. The two are fighting for Nairobi Luhya Jubilee supremo even though questions over Sakaja’s true identity have been raised. It is highly unlikely that any other media house will run the bogus polls ever again.

In the meantime, Sonko’s campaign has scored a con, deluding the Nairobi public and getting some money on which to advance his campaign. His team that facilitated the con is much happier with a few millions in their pockets. At KTN, the editor on the take is in more trouble than he thought the money was worth.

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