Sonko & Kidero Unite to Humiliate Luhyas in Fear of Waweru Coalition

In the last two weeks, a dramatic decision by the State and the entire Jubilee leadership to back Dennis Waweru for Nairobi Governorship has sent rival camps within Jubilee and Evans kidero into panic mode. Johnson Sakaja has all but disappeared as people originally in his team are scattering towards Waweru. Margaret Wanjiru has been visibly angry taking her tirade against the endorsement to Waweru’s Dagoreti South backyard where in a church ceremony, she spit loads of bile against Waweru. The congregation wasn’t amused.

The vilest reaction has however come from Senator Mike Sonko. After masquerading for years as the preferred candidate, the shock he received when news reached him was devastating. He drowned several bottles of whisky at his Machakos home. Together with his team led by his intimate friend former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua, they have hatched some ideas in a thinking informed by their low level engagements. From issuing threats to key leaders to other downright dirty games, their desperation is becoming obvious for all to see. The desperate run Sonko made at Nairobi Water where he was nearly whipped by company employees and made to call the company MD Baba is a sign of just how much panic and disarray has hit his team.

The worst reaction has however been saved for the Nairobi Luhya community. Sensing that the Luhya were Waweru’s emerging partners and a formidable Luhya team was galvanizing around him, team Sonko backed by Kidero has unleashed a smear campaign against the community and its leaders. The smear campaign has snared Luhya leaders in Cord brought in to further decimate the Luhya team around Waweru. Several attacks have been made against key Luhya personalities on social media and in the news with threats against lives of others intercepted by authorities. The idea is for Sonko to kick the Luhya out of the team and replace them. If this strategy fails, he will complete the talks he has made with Kidero where he’s ready to be Deputy Governor as well.

Luhya leaders have been meeting in Nairobi and organizing themselves. The nascent Luhya Unity scheme fronted by city politics emerging leaders has seen them meet fellow Luhya candidates and agreed not to run against each other in any seat. They are also meeting the old guard Luhya establishment for endorsement for their plan that is going rather well. The idea is to sensitize Luhyas to unite under fellow Luhya candidates regardless of party affiliation.

Luhyas are being asked to vote a Luhya wherever there is a candidate and shed their strict party allegiances. This means Luhyas will vote for candidates rather than parties, which will greatly benefit them in the number of seats they will capture in both Jubilee and ODM. This strategy has sent shockwaves in both Sonko and Kidero teams who have decided to unite to annihilate any semblance of a Luhya strategy. With a Luhya as running mate to Waweru under this strategy, a landslide victory is assured. Luhyas under Kidero are in panic mode as well and are helping Sonko to devastate this strategy. It’s just a matter of time before Kidero’s luhyas are sensitized to this strategy and close ranks with their jubilee counterparts.

4 thoughts on “Sonko & Kidero Unite to Humiliate Luhyas in Fear of Waweru Coalition

  1. It doesnt matter what tribe is from, what matters is kenyans to have a peaciful environment to execute their daily to daily activities. Peace is paramount


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