Revealed; Raila’s Mpango wa Kando

The Other Woman, Side Dish, Clande, Mpango wa Kando; the names are endless and everyone has a name they choose to use. For Raila Odinga, that name has been co-principal since that’s how he’s been referring to Moses Wetangula until the main partner, Kalonzo Musyoka, chose to spill the beans and reveal their MOU in grievance to Raila’s infidelity and Wetangula’s insurrection. Wetangula has never been a partner in CORD as far as the CORD agreement goes, he’s been imposed by Raila Odinga for his own political purposes. Now that an emboldened Wetangula is seeking a stake bigger than his benefactor Raila has to give, he’s been booted to the side, like all mpango wa kandos are done to when their time is up. It is a political battery as sad as his domestic assaults have been.


Wetangula is simply a victim of Raila’s use and dump tactics. He had to know this when Raila refused to attend his big party where he had invited the whole country to witness his coronation from co-principal to heir apparent. Like all men do, Raila kept away from his mpango’s big day because he did not want the association made official. He has nothing for Wetangula and he had to make it clear. Weta, like the other woman in a marriage, was only good for a time. He had his place well crafted and set aside as the one to abet Raila’s continued imposition on western politics. He was only a proxy whose time is up. He was used as a ruse that has now ended its use since Raila now feels comfortable enough to get into Bungoma County personally.

As a stranger to the CORD agreement, Wetangula has little he can do about the booting he’s receiving. He can’t claim to any tribunal, court or any other judicial body to reinstate him as co-principal or raise him to heir apparent. He was not party to the contract only a side dish to the main man who is now done with Weta and is looking for new amours in the likes of Oparanya and maybe his old flame Musalia.

Unlike in CORD where the partners were cheating, Jubilee has been a steady partnership. Everybody is seeking a stake with Uhuru Kenyatta for he has shown to be a faithful man. He has treated William Ruto well and brought Eugene Wamalwa on board in honour of a friend and partner. Wetangula is seeking stability after the public humiliation and defrocking he has gone through. He should be wise to seek counsel from his brother Eugene who can very well create a path for him into Jubilee where partners respect and honour each other. In Jubilee, Eugene will definitely find space for Wetabgula where he can reside with dignity, respect and a place at the main table, not the crumbs he’s been having at the feet of Raila Odinga.

One thought on “Revealed; Raila’s Mpango wa Kando

  1. If Weta has dirvoced with Raila and yet the saying two heads are better than one?Let this two gentlemen unite so that they can stand.


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