#KideRobbery; Driving Nairobi to an Early Grave

The picture of Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero gleefully cutting a cake to celebrate the opening of a new mortuary at Mbagathi will perhaps be the most iconic of his administration. Who celebrates death? Kidero does. His administration’s most obvious achievement will be the construction of mortuaries. Grand, huge well equipped state of the art mortuaries have sprung up all over the city.slab

A Morbid Obsession with Death

Kidero’s obsession with death is disturbing. In an equally frightening way, Kidero resembles the WWE Superstar The Undertaker. Put a trench coat over him and you have an African undertaker ready to dispatch Nairobians to the next world. Even more bizarre is the resemblance Kidero’s Chief of Staff George Wainaina’s has to the undertaker’s sidekick The Pall Bearer. it makes the whole arrangement one made anywhere else but in heaven; it has been the infernal partnership that is driving Nairobi to an early grave.


Money Lust and Land Thirst

Nairobi is being grabbed under our feet by Kidero in a new wave of Land Thirst & Money Lust. The wanton corruption and grabber going on at city hall is epic. The amounts of money mentioned in deals are in hundreds of millions. Imagine if a chief officer like Jimmy Kiamba could steal up to 800 million, what is happening at the top? The massive land grab going on under the county government has been surreal in some of city hall operatives being gunned downed gangland style. The curious case of a particular 1,000 acre piece of land in Njiiru that saw Jared Odek Ochok killed is an example of the rise of a new brazen Luo land grabbing elite with deep connections at City hall.undertaker

Nairobi is also choking under Kidero. The putrid garbage strewn all over the city not only chokes throats but trips people as they go about their daily life. A complete collapse of the garbage collection system is thanks to City Hall’s attempt to replace current garbage mafia with their new cartels. They have already succeeded in the CBD where Creative Consolidated has grabbed the business and will have been paid billions by the time Kidero walks out of city hall.

Gangland wars & Murders

The subterranean wars going on under #KideRobbery have become so fierce that Kidero now has more security allocated to him by the government than the Deputy President. Kidero has 16 official security personnel and another sixteen under the table from vigilance house.

Nairobians have everything to be afraid of including death from the marauding gangs that police the street these days under City hall patronage. Street families without anybody to cry out for them have been hardest hit with tens of them having been dispatched to the next world under these gangs. No wonder mortuaries are being built.

As the elections approach, the arsenal being prepared to deal with dissent is frightening. Billions are available to buy those who are willing and for those who wont comply, the mortuaries are waiting. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has already sounded the warning and told anyone coming after him to be ready for a war. Clearly the mortuaries are not being built for nothing!

Kidero will be remembered as the person who had a morbid attachment to mortuaries, driving Nairobi to an early grave.

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