Failure to Launch; Wetangula’s Flaccid Presidental Bid

Senator Moses Wetangula must be the only one laughing at his presidential bid jokes. So much has he fumbled about the move, postponing the launch for the fifth time that

it is now looking pitiful. The Bungoma Senator who has reduced himself to Raila’s fiddle is churning out confusion after confusion. Few still believe he will have anything to show for his supposed bid. Unknown to him, the CORD leader is playing him to a point of desperation so that his options are completely zero when time for negotiations come so that Raila can pay him a pittance for his support. Yet it is the Luhyas who are on sale with Wetangula as a broker. His presidential bid if it ever happens will be a big embarrassment for the people of Bungoma after the charades they have been treated to and the shekels that he will paid for their support.

There is fear in his eyes and pain in his bones

The senator looks fearful, desperate and lost. His embarrassment is also at an all time high and his confidence has been completely sucked out by the punches he has been receiving of late, both politically and physically. The bullish presence of Kakamega County Wycliff Oparanya around CORD leader Raila Odinga and the beating the Governor has promised the senator leaves Wetangula disturbed with a painful premonition. The battery and assault the senator has been receiving at home under the firm grip of his wife seems to be replicating itself at the political level. Everywhere the senator looks, there is a punch coming at him, little wonder he’s afraid to launch his bid lest he gets a punch to go with it. His fellow Kakamega Senator Boni khalwale who has now perfected the art of running into toilets at the smallest indication of trouble must have warned him of Oparanya’s wrath, the latest excuse Khalwale has had to run into a toilet

A victim of Gender based Violence

This Gender based violence has seen Mwenda Njoka, the erstwhile Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman come to Wetangula’s aid, comforting him with some public advocacy for Wetangula’s rights at home. He has been seen consulting with FIDA officials for legal aid now that the wife also gave him a beating in the wallet. The poor senator has few options left now as he has become the butt of jokes all over Social media with a pithy Swahili one asking what Wetangula really needs; “Wetangula, ni bibi au ni Kura tutakupigia?” the machismo men from western walk around with has come into doubt and they are out to rescue Wetangula before he makes jokes of everyone.

A political rest together with his bed rest

It is time Wetangula weighed his options. The people of western can simply not be led by a person who pretends to be a tiger on the podium and is actually a cat at home. A man must be a man through and through. As he receives the doctor’s prescription of rest for his domestic aches to heal, Man Weta should be contemplating a permanent rest from politics. That beating was fatal to his political life! Pole sana Weta.

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