NYS:MP’s Fight Fiercely Over Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru is Grilled as MP’s Fight Fiercely Over Her

Today she almost led MPs into a physical fight when she appeared before a parliamentary Finance committee to answer questions touching on the theft scandal in her ministry.

Members of parliament heckled at each other as the Jubilee’s cute girl cat-walked into the august house.

Her cute looks made heads turn as Members of Parliament who have never gone close to her tried to catch a glimpse of her beauty.

The young face with dazzling eyes and her hair shinning like banished brass charged the legislators dividing them right in the middle.

A section of MPs, especially from Central Kenya including Ferdinand Waititu, and Nyeri women’s representative Priscilla Nyokabi were Waiguru’s defense battalion who vowed to dismantle the jaws of any MP who dared disturbed their girl.

As she was answering questions from Opiyo Wandayi, an ODM legislator, the CS’s army rose to their foot and told off Wandayi over his insistence that Waiguru explains the theft which was luckily unmasked.

Richard Onyonka, who recently ditched ODM citing doom in the party, challenged Opiyo to a fist fight if he was not satisfied with the answers he was getting from Waiguru.

Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Oginga ganged up with Opiyo to declare Wiguru corrupt.

He was however heckled and told to shut up as his brother had been representing Kibera for decades yet he could not achieve what Waiguru has achieved in just a few months.

“You are just nominated, I am elected. You cannot intimidate me. You have finally gotten where I wanted. Do not go there,” Onyonka told Oburu.

‘Waiguru Effect’ made the august house to degenerate into a mad market with heckling as MPs tries to outsmart each other.

The fracas continued and Waiguru watched as the MPs tore each other apart with their hot flying utterances.

She is called Waiguru, the making of Mutahi NGunyi, she sparks that rare feeling when he appears before a male dominated committee!

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