DEEP INSIGHTS into CORRUPTION CARTELS in Kenya; Ruto, KENGEN, Std Gauge Railway and much more

By Gordon Opiyo via Facebook

Serious Mindset Change Needed:Today , I would like to reflect on the impact of corruption in the lives of common citizens.

I would like to ask everyone to reflect on how corruption has affected their lives at all levels.
Personally, I can NEVER EVER stand to defend any Politician involved in corruption- whether he is from my village, tribe or County.

That is one key reason I can NEVER EVER stand to defend Raila, who is both my tribesman and from the same County.
I cannot let my conscience allow me to participate in a twitter or facebook campaign eti ‪#‎naniisclean‬.

This is why I wholeheartedly believe that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the ONLY PERSON that can and WILL deal with Corruption… ONLY if Kenyans come from their tribal cocoons and shun their tribal gods who are extremely corrupt. Based on my extensive records on corruption in Kenya- there no SINGLE case that mentions Uhuru in plunder of Public Resources.


I joined the Weekly Review as a Financial and Economic writer in the 1990s- and since then I have watched as some Politicians take advantage of silly and zombie like tribal following to fleece public institutions of billions.
Whereas the immediate families and close confidants of the Politicians become filthy rich, the average mwanachi is usually left worse off.

I watched as some powerful politician forced the construction of Turkwel Hydroelectric Station in a River that had no capacity to produce enough water.

I watched and wrote about how some powerful politicians brought in diesel generators and forced KENGEN to buy power from the so called Independent Power Producers at highly inflated rates. As the clique of powerful Politicians became filthy rich- Key Manufacturers like Unilever decamped from Kenya due to high power bills. Common Wananchi ended up losing jobs, and bought goods at higher costs.

I watched and wrote about sugar and maize importation cartels that ensured that importation of sugar and maize became very lucrative. At the same time the sugar and maize farmers were reduced to paupers.

I watched as NSSF and NHIF were fleeced by powerful cartels and wrote several stories on the same:- and the average Mwananchi kept dying due to lack of social security and basic health insurance.

Having been closely attached to the Kenya Railways, I passionately followed the privatization of the Railway Network that started in 2004- at that time I was writing for the Sunday Standard. I watched in total shock as a company that had ABSOLUTELY no Capacity was given the entire Railway System for FREE. I was present at the Nairobi Railway Station on the last day of October 2006 when then Transport Minister Chirau refused to hand over the Railway System to RVR. He only did that after getting a call from a top State House Official. Ten years later, the Railway system is totally collapsed. This is what the Mail and Guardian wrote about the company that won

“The parliamentary report asks why pre-qualification rules specified that bidders should have a total net worth of at least $35-million—while Sheltam Rail Company’s financial statements showed it was operating with a negative working capital of R3,98-million.”

This is what the African Infrastructure Digest wrote about the Railway Scandal…/is-the-rvr-con…/ “It turned out that the Rift Valley Railways (RVR), the special purpose company created to operate the railways, was just a shell company for some highly connected and speculative Private Equity firms, whose intention was never to improve the utility, but rather reap handsomely through strategically placed loans and advances that would be repaid over the years at interest, bleeding the utility dry”.

As a result of the massive corruption at the Railway Handover- traffic Jams have increased in Nairobi after the commuter train system collapsed and the tens of thousands of passengers that used the train before RVR came to the picture all turned to the roads. Prices of goods have increased after the Cheap Train Cargo service collapsed.
Yet,- the politically connected company that was behind the Railway Mega Scandal made billions and the politically connected “Investors” are being praised in Kenyan Newspapers as “Smart Businessmen”. Some of them got elected to Senate and Parliament.

I could go on and on about Ministry of Lands, Telecommunication Industry, Security Contracts etc.. but this could mean writing a book.

Until the day Kenyans stop being TRIBAL and ask top politicians like people like Ruto and others to account for their conduct, networks, and associations- we will NEVER win any war on corruption.

Until Kenyans begin seeing Uhuru Kenyatta as their ONLY hope in slaying corruption, and stop seeing him as a Kikuyu, we will still go back to our tribal gods- whose only mission is to enrich themselves and their close associates.

But to not be deceived, the battle against established cartels is not easy… especially with tribal minded voters who do not reason beyond their tribal gods.

Story first blogged by Kenya Today

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