AfriCOG’s malice won’t dampen Kenya’s spirit

Gladwell Otieno:CEO Africog
Gladwell Otieno:CEO Africog

BY Jimmy Tarus
The renewed onslaught by the western sponsored public benefits organization Africog against President Uhuru at the ICC is malicious.
The African Centre for Open Governance has been committed to efforts to destabilize the country as a greater goal than their false image they try to portray of pursuing justice.
Motivated by funding from George Soros’s Open Society East Africa,Africog will stop at nothing to destabilize this country in the name of appeasing their financiers.
Africog’s recent move of working to revive president Uhuru Kenyatta’s now defunct case at the ICC should not come as a shocker because that is right within their terms of reference from their financiers.
Africog’s main agenda since its inception has been un patriotic. The organization has acted more like the western powers’ spy agency in Kenya than an ordinary nongovernmental organization.
Examining AfricOg’s activities since its inception, it’s easy to detect their pursuit of a foreign agenda at the expense of patriotism.
In the run up to the 2013 general elections,Africog and other foreign sponsored NGOs put up a spirited fight to bar president Uhuru and deputy president William Ruto from contesting in the general elections citing the cases at the international criminal court. Their mission failed at the time when the courts dismissed their application.
In determination to accomplish their mission of stopping an Uhuru Kenyatta presidency, they petitioned the Supreme Court in March 2013 against president Uhuru’s victory. This, they lost again when Uhuru was declared by the supreme court as validly elected.
It’s evident from their past activities that Africog as an organization has been hell-bent to throw Kenya into chaos. The same institution or their sponsors have been determined to stop or put an end to the Uhuru presidency for reasons best known to them.
Its against this background that it is so easy to tell that their recent pursuit to revive the ICC case against president Kenyatta and their application to have Kenya face sanctions from the Assembly of State Parties has underhand objectives that are only aimed at creating anarchy in our country.
John Githongo, who chairs the board of Africog has been alleged to be a British spy. His activities since his resignation as permanent secretary during the reign of former president Mwai Kibaki has always been questionable.
Githongo is remembered for his secret recordings of the conversations with former cabinet ministers David Mwiraria and Kiraitu Murungi.The recordings which happened at the height of the controversies surrounding the anglo leasing scandal were apparently done on behalf of the then British High Commissioner to Kenya Edward Clay.The scandal was aimed at frustrating the Kibaki regime’s reform agenda.The recorded tapes were aimed at painting the Kibaki regime as too corrupt and too incompetent to fight graft. The irony of the matter was that the masterminds of the scandal were British nationals!
AfriCog’s activities have proved that Kenya is the only country in the world where the civil society is unaccountable and is free to do clandestine work to please foreign countries while undermining the stability of the state. It is only in Kenya where the presidency is disrespected to the extent this organization is doing.
A number of the self proclaimed governance experts have never shown Kenyans how transparent they are themselves. For example while Africog prides itself in fronting for good governance, no one has been given information on how they are funded and how they fund their activities. It’s ironical that the same organization that purports to advocate for open governance is involved in underground and questionable activities that might easily throw the country on another spree of bloodbath like it happened in 2007.
Is there any likelihood that AfriCog and their foreign financiers love Kenya so much than we do ourselves? Kenyans know what is good for them and that is why despite the charges that were facing president Uhuru at the ICC by the time we went to polls in 2013, Kenyans overwhelmingly voted for him.
Just like their previous efforts, the new initiative to revive President Uhuru’s case through the backdoor will not succeed. If its money they are getting from their donors, let them spend on something better or use to buy palatial homes and pieces of land like they have always done.
Their main mission under the stewardship of Gladwell Otieno and other saboteurs of national interests like Professor Makau Mutua is to materially benefit by documenting lies against the country in order to impress their masters for more funding. This unfortunate lust for foreign funding shouldn’t however be pursued at the expense of morality and patriotism. That is why they will invest a lot of effort in western practices like homosexuality as an agenda in African Civil society activities.
This is the time for all Kenyans to express their disappointment with these foreign puppets who have nothing good for Kenya and Africa as a whole.
Africog and their cohorts will not dampen the country’s determination to grow. The malice should be an inspiration to President Uhuru Kenyatta to even steer the country to greater econo-socio- political heights and shame the devil.

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