SONU Elections: Babu Owino goes for Abby Gacheru


As SONU campaigns enter homestretch, incumbent student leader Babu Owino has picked Abby Gacheru for Vice Chair.

According to his campaign manager Bishop Ndege Sirkal, Babu picked on Abby in a line up that also has Milka Obonyo (Gender Affairs), Shasha Wamae (Health), Cate Muchiri (Finance), Goske Soke (Legal Affairs) and Angel Mbuthia (Academic Affairs).

Ndege, a long time campaign handler of Owino, says Babu has nurtured and financed more female students in SONU politics than any other student leader in recent history.

“If you are confident, and want to do it, comrade Babu is the best bet. That’s why there is always a fierce competition to be in Team Babu,” he says.

Ndege, who uses humour to call for support for all Team Babu line-up, is confident the coming election is already won in their favour.


Below are a few humorous lines to selected candidates:

1. Babu Owino

1.You must have at least ksh.10 million in your current account and ksh. 5 million in your savings account
2.You must have 3 bars and 2 restaurants within Nairobi
3.You must be respected and feared by Both uhuru kenyatta and Raila odinga
4.You must not be an admin spy,puppet or bed mate
5.You must be paying fees for at least 34 needy UoN students
6.You must be proud but humble, strong but weak,Peaceful but violent
7.Your grandmother or mother must not be a witchdoctor
8.You must have been a former SONU chairman
9.You must not pee in bed like Anyanga or be always drunk like prof mbeche
10.You must love all comrades. All Comrades must also love you back
11.You must not have broken your virginity before 19th September 1999.Your bottom virginity must be intact.
12.You must have graduated from UoN with a 1st class degree

In another rant, he tells Comrades why Babu is ‘peaceful’.

1.Babu believes in the Holy Trinity, In God the Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit
2.Babu always carries an open Bible in his car
3.Babu was named “The most non-violent student leader in Africa 2014″ by The Economist Magazine
4.When mosquitoes disturb Babu owino at night,he does not kill them or even spray doom,Babu kneels down and prays for the mosquitoes
5.Babu has never taken any of his enemies to court or to police station. He prefers to forgive them after paying them
6.If u send Babu owino an abusive SMS, he will respond by sending you Airtime of KSH.100
7.Babu has never slapped or laid his hands on a woman. He respects women very much
8.Babu has a cat called Philgona .Babu normally eats after the cat has eaten
9.Babu spends all his SONU monthly salary on orphans at Kasarani children’s Home.
10.Whenever Babu owino hugs a lady, he whispers the words “LENTULUS ” in her left ear. LENTULUS means “peace be with you”
IF U DIDNT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW…..meanwhile ‪#‎BABUcontinua‬

 For Milka Obonyo, Ndege rants:

1.Milka stopped wearing underwears on 5th July 2010.Nowadays she wears only maroon Thongs
2.Milka was born in the same hospital and ward as Mrs Rachel Ruto ,wife to kenyan Deputy president
3.Milka’s heart beats 112 times per minute when she’s chewing PK
4.Milka is the founder and sponsor of Mama Milka children’s Home in peponi road westlands, taking care of orphaned and destitute children
5.Milka weighs 53kgs while dancing in public.She weighs 57kgs while dancing naked in private.
6.Milka’s role model is the late Prof Wangari Maathai .Milka is also inspired by Martha Karua and Anne Waiguru
7.Milka comes from a family of firsts. Her grandfather was the first kenyan to cough after smoking marijuana, in 1919.Also,her grandmother was the first kenyan woman to dance with a white man in 1920.
8.Milka is an astute businesswoman. She has invested heavily in the matatu industry. She has 17 matatus with MATAKO Sacco plying Matasia -koroboi routes in Nairobi
9.Milka is Born Again & is a firm believer in the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ is her personal Saviour and defender.
10.Milka’s birthmark is on the junction between her left thigh and her right hip,30 cm perpendicularly below her left nipple,or 2cm above her holy spirit.


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