Mandera Senator’s driver accidentally runs over their maid, killing her on spot

 Police are investigating an incident in which a driver to Mandera County Senator Billow Kerrow accidentally knocked down his housemaid, killing her on spot in Nairobi’s South C area. The driver was driving from the senator’s home Sunday morning when he knocked down the middle-aged woman, killing her instantly. Kerrow was not at home at the time of the incident. According to police and Kerrow, the driver had accidentally engaged a drive gear and accelerated by mistake as he ignited the car. “The driver was leaving the compound and the victim was standing outside the gate. He engaged a drive gear and accelerated by mistake and drove through the gate that was closed them. He says he wanted to step on the brakes instead,” said Kerrow. He added that the vehicle hit the gate and ran over their maid who was walking into the compound. “It was an accident and it is unfortunate she died. Police are here and handling the situation. Her husband has also come,” said Kerrow. Nairobi head of traffic Edward Mwamburi said his officers had visited the scene and were pursuing the matter. Meanwhile, police are looking for a gang that shot and seriously injured a man in a robbery incident in his house in Jamhuri estate, Nairobi on Saturday night. The gang disappeared with family valuables of unknown amount as the victim was rushed to hospital in a stable condition. In Umoja, another man was shot and seriously wounded in a robbery on his house. Police say a gang of three had raided the house and tried to rob the occupants of their valuables prompting a confrontation.

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