How women who think with their hearts get conned in the name of love

 By Grace Nakato
Savvy men have learnt that some women are in the habit of thinking using their hearts, and not their heads. Our young women are still brought up to look at marriage to a rich man as the pinnacle of achievement, and the men who know this are having a field day. Women, be wary of the new game in town — the sex holiday, whose chief player is that presentable guy you met online. And even though you met him in social media, you feel like you know everything there is to know and have even come to trust him implicitly. He has proven to be the man of your dreams by showering you with cash and will soon be coming to visit your parents and to claim your hand in marriage. Stay warned it is all a facade; he has his eye on your cash and free booty as a bonus. Mariam is your average well brought up girl with a good job and, as we speak, a broken heart. She met the man of her dreams on Facebook and was wooed with sweet words and big plans that included a lavish business and the promise of marriage. Pocket money Three months into the relationship this man sent her $100 (Sh9174) pocket money, as he prepared to come from England and put their wedding plans into action. She was wowed not by the amount, but that he had given her money and asked nothing in return. He told her they would need a car to get around quickly in the city, and on realising she had none, asked her to hire one on his behalf and he would pay on arrival. She did as requested, and even picked him from the airport and checked into a hotel with him. He claimed that as he wanted to meet her parents, they should spend some time together planning and getting things together. During that week, he also borrowed Sh1,000,000 from her, claiming he wanted to clear some goods and had not yet changed his money to the local currency as he was waiting for the exchange rate to improve. After this, he left the hotel and she has not seen him, her cash or her dignity ever since. He vanished in thin air. In yet another incident, Percy met her boo on Facebook and he promised to take her to America.
She is a first year student at Makerere Business School and the $1,000 (Sh91742) he sent her to spend on preparing herself for his arrival was what clinched the deal. She was sure she had finally met a generous man who unlike the local stingy ones did not just want her body — he had respectable plans. Week of fun He told her to find a house to rent, and to get her documents ready as he would process her passport so they could travel back after marriage. He duly came and they had a week of fun and games before he vanished with her papers never to be heard from again. My fellow women, before you get horizontal or open your purse and spill cash, ask yourself “What’s the sudden rush?” Some of these men actually get a friend to drop them at the airport as part of the game to get into your handbag or your panties. Do not be ruled by emotion, go meet him at the airport with your elderly aunt who can spot a fake a mile away.
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