Kamasasa:Ruto Behind Ababu’s Woos

Let’s reason here a bit. Feel free to correct me. I am just a political toddler and spectator.

CORD leaders, ODM genuine members and Luhyas in general with some emphasis on Busia county natives. Allow me to pull your small, medium and large ears next to my political beak:

There is a scheme. Some silly political manoeuvres whistling in the pipeline. The corruption allegations being labelled against Ababu Namwamba, the ODM SG, PAC chair is seriously a political arm twisting. I am not saying Ababu is clean anyway, he might have cut deals with Jubilee leaning leaders and especially URP wing. The plot was to load Ababu with high protection which was to result in this gentleman worshipping the Kalenjin political supremo. At the end when 2022 comes knocking, their wishes is Ababu to deputise Ruto in general elections.Ruto Ababu
The prayers URP kingpin had initially was to rock, defile, weaken and break ODM completely. You will recall, there was lots of open love Ababu was being accorded by the URP guys sometime last year. URP kingpin through elected ODM legislators secretly sponsored sort of rebellion in ODM and he is still doing it till now. When Raila gave in and made Ababu the SG, URP didn’t receive the news well. They were more than sure and had worked out their thing through ODM leaders thoroughly to deny Ababu the SG post. They were salivating for the fall of ODM as Ababu was to lead a walk out from the party. Ababu on accepting the SG position, re-ignited his slogan ‘Baba you have only one bullet left – 2017’, meaning it’s the last time for Raila to give a stab for the presidency. Such strong sentiments injected some new political libido in ODM and the disgruntled leaders had to shut their lousy beaks and tore the political party line. URP didn’t give up on rocking ODM.
Ababu being the second highest ranking ODM leader after Raila, left many wondering. To worsen the situation, someone quietly informed the URP that Ababu is nursing presidential ambitions come 2022. TNA getting this wind, they had no objections since Ababu is not vying 2017 against their ‘mudu wa nyuba’. On the other hand, it was an insult towards URP wing since their Kalenjin Supremo will face hard time in his 2022 race if at all Ababu will compete with him. Another dangerous scenario is that should Raila win 2017, he may go for one term and bless Ababu. Same thing, should Raila again get rigged out, then he will still bless Ababu as his successor. This has never been a secret. Ababu pocketing Luo votes, then add on the Luhya ones, will definitely be ahead of Ruto in terms of numbers since it has become a political reality among Kales that banking on Kiuks 2022 votes is like scooping water using a mosquito net.
URP has to re-strategize again for the third option. Try to find faults in Ababu’s leadership as PAC chair. Collect few allegations of corruption and use it against Ababu. They authored and engineered the plan. Since they knew ODM as an opposition – offering an alternative government won’t accept it’s party high ranks being soiled with corruption allegations, it will turn the heat against Ababu. The intention was to get pregnant, conceive the idea of impeaching Ababu and immediately after birth, they throw the ‘baby’ at the door step of ODM at darkness. In the morning when ODM wakes up, they find a newly abandoned conceived kid and adopt it instant in the name of preserving their name in the public gallery. This is how now, a section of ODM legislators have taken over the impeachment drive of Ababu seriously as PAC chair while URP the ‘mother’ who conceived it, takes a back seat. Secretly and using the ever politically sick media, URP whispers into Ababu’s long political ears and to the extend Ababu’s followers that indeed it’s ODM which is determined to impeach him. Remember it’s another new strategy to rock ODM and make Ababu bolt out of the party, keep him mum and support their Kalenjin supremo as his deputy in 2022 general elections.

Following my above predictions, I sense danger. ODM leaders, kindly refrain from this PAC allegations as Baba directed you. It’s not genuine allegations. They intend to achieve;
1. Continue rocking ODM’s unity and it’s numbers until 2017.
2. Arm twist Ababu to be the running mate of Ruto 2022.
3. Kill completely Ababu’s presidential ambitions come 2022: By making him Ruto’s running mate 2022 through hook or soil his name among Kenyans since its obvious Luhyas rarely vote in someone with questionable integrity issues whether you are their son or not.
Let’s watch out keenly. URP is a political snake! Let’s rebuke them and support Ababu unconditionally. Busia county, your son is being fought not by ODM but by URP. Lets stand with him.

2 thoughts on “Kamasasa:Ruto Behind Ababu’s Woos

  1. Kiuks are stupid but Luhyas are even worse. You Luhyas can only wash dishes, cook rice and stew and serve as watchmen. Wetangula is man enough to run in 2017 but like the subservient servant like baluhya he is will only grin and say mulembe while fantasizing about the hips of the Asian employer. LUHYAS WERE BORN TO SERVE LUOS AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!


  2. The Kikuyu obsession is quite childishly amusing and yet quaint and charming. Whether Raila, Ababu, a sock puppet, Uhuru or an empty tank of cooking gas becomes the nest president in 2017 is irrelevant. Kikuyu’s are hard working, ambitious, innovative, patient, resilient and open minded. The green house farmers, ICT innovators, makers of homemade aero planes, the small scale traders, the Tabitha Karanjas of Keroche and Chris Kirubi’s are all Kikuyus. Leadership is useless if the leader is a wolf and his subjects are goats and sheep. Educate yourself, work hard, toughen up, think, work, grow rich, pray to your God and show resilience. Winston Churchill said it best; Every man a tiger or every man a slave. The choice is yours not in tribal math.


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