Speaker, MPs meet Today to plot CDF rescue plan

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi wants MPs to deliberate on available options to counter court ruling on CDF. (Photo:File/Standard)

“We have seen the Judiciary place a full-page advert to establish a building department. If we were observing the doctrine of separation of powers, why can’t those buildings be done by the Ministry of Works within the Executive? It is not right that this only applies to Parliament when people talk about separation of powers,” said Gumbo. The lawmakers said they were ready for a referendum to strengthen the fund, and if that failed, they would hold the country hostage by scuttling the national budget for the Government and all its agencies. “If we don’t approve the changes to CDF, there will be no budget. We have to approve our issues first,” said Zainab Chidzuga (Kwale). The MPs criticised the Judiciary as an “enemy of development”. Deputy Majority Whip Jomo Washiali said: “If CDF is illegal, then the Constitution is bad.”

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