Hon Arati: WHY we MUST get Jubilee regime out of COMATOSE Leadership state


Article first published by Kenya Today

The Jubilee Government Must Know People
By Hon Simba Arati

Government, I am told, is supposed to be the strongest institution in a society. But our beloved government is stubbornly determined to make history in the negative. The parlous state of our security is absolutely benumbing. The nonchalant attitude of the government in resuscitating it from its comatose state is appalling.

Subsequently, as the government indicates no form of awakening on the matter, it is rather unfortunate that the hapless victim is the common Mwananchi.

Kenya, a country of abundant treasures, is wallowed in the throes of poor leadership since independence. Leadership failure has been an enduring lullaby. Coupled with the already mushroomed cancer of corruption, Kenya has been rendered lethargic, struggling for breath.

The lackluster approach to monumental tragedies such as insecurity and unemployment falls short of the good leadership paradigms set by world democratic leaders. How long shall the corrupt trade with our economy? Shall we ask God to send us a Moses to kickout the land grabbers just like the old “Kick polio campaign”?


Sadly, the Kleptocrats entrusted with governing national institutions in this country have silently vowed to stop at nothing until they suck it dry. They have messed up every institution except their families. They are busy building stomach infrastructures, the new Thika road that only worms will use whence they join their maker.

Land grabbers have rebranded. They use Indian Pseudo names to mask their real identities – talk of a ‘name behind a name’ charade. They are allergic to any empty space including public schools, police stations and even cemeteries.

Nevertheless, the most absurd ingredient in the land grabbing fiasco by the “Shahs” and the “Singhs” is that they are well insulated by godfathers in the government. They even tell it to your face that you can do them nothing. If it is in the police, they have a Godfather. As far as the Registrar of Lands is concerned, they have a Godfather. When you go to State House, their interests are safe. It is a “no where man” for the poor!

In failing to provide leadership, the government has lost direction on how to protect and galvanize the people towards vision 2030. I cannot be more tentative to describe what is supposedly occupying the mind of the people at the helm of affairs. Despite avalanche of complaints by common Mwananchi on series of badly mishandled projects and misappropriation of public funds, there is no iota of change.

The President seems impervious to these cries. Greenhorns are appointed to sensitive dockets, leaders are selected courtesy of “who they know”. The obsolete mantra of scratch-my-back-I-scratch-your-back is alive and kicking. They always confuse movement with action, thinking the country is going forward.

The imposed leaders’s output on portfolio they are appointed always prove to be least prepared for the task.

With rampant corruption, heart shattering poverty and insecurity among other evils afflicting our society makes a layman to readily attest that Kenya is not ready to get out of the woods any sooner.

In spite of the fact that insecurity, poverty and corruption are all global phenomenon, other countries have fought them ruthlessly. Nonetheless, our approach has been lackadaisically crude.

The ghastly killing of Sheikhs, and gangland style murders of Jared Ochok along Mayanja Rd in Umoja, the recent killing of Hon George Muchai (Kabete MP) and the subsequent shooting of a former Isiolo MP Hon Godana in his house in Sykokimau, Nairobi , coupled with the failure of the state to bring murderers to book remains a monumental scar on our national conscience.

We are living in a state where people are sacked or even have their lives threatened for talking about corruption, let alone whistle-blowing. We are stagnated in a state where an individual remains in office after embezzling billions of shillings belonging to the tax payer.

We are living in a state where the number of flashy cars, choppers and gigantic parcels of land are used to measure the economic might. We live in a country where primary school pupils are ostensibly promised laptops and supplied with condoms instead. We live in a country where the people are gradually turning out to be the enemy of the state. We live in a country where government expends 0.5million shillings per a seat in parliament.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the sake of our future generations, it is our obligation to reexamine and demystify the stark reality of an impending debacle if events continue to unfold the way they are. Kenyans cannot afford to fail. We must not sleep, and must continue demanding better. God Bless Kenya.

The writer is a Member of Parliament for Dagoretti-North Constituency, Nairobi City County

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