MUKURIMA X MURIUKI:Peter Kenneth Will Be Back!

By Mukurima Muriuki


While some may see Peter Kenneth as having failed terribly in his presidential ambition, I see him as having succeeded on two fronts: First, he is a constant reminder that having a huge social media presence and following cannot guarantee anyone a lawn ticket to the concert of power at State House. Secondly, and by far the most important lesson, is that is that for you to make a mark anywhere, you have to break some rules.

There are those who would have opted for Peter Kenneth to run for a seat lesser than the presidency because this is the rule that dictates the way things are done in our society. That you cannot be a Governor if you have not been a Senator and so on. I do not know who coined this rule but I glad Peter Kenneth broke this rule and operated by his own rule. He fared badly in the contest. But I think in the end, he may be content that even with the shellacking defeat, he operated within his rules.

This reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know Commando! Long before he became famous, Schwarzenegger always knew he wanted to be a star. Everybody kept telling him he could not make it. He was after all an immigrant from Austria with an accent that the Americans disliked. The naysayers told him his body was monstrous – overly developed. He was given the option of playing a wrestler or a bouncer; he was told he could use his German accent to play the role of a Nazi officer in Hogan’s Heroes In short, the rules had it he could not fit into the movies. The rules had it he could not be a star. But Schwarzenegger did not listen to those rules for they were other people’s rules! He decided to break them. This paid off and he would go on to do the movie Terminator, and the phrase “I’ll be back,” became one of the most famous lines in movie history, all because of his crazy accent.

The things that skeptics said would be totally a detriment and would make it impossible for Schwarzenegger to get a job, all of a sudden became his assets. Years later when he decided to run for Governor of California, the same rules and negative attitudes were mentioned to him. He was told he had to work his way up, you know, start with a small job as mayor and then as assemblyman and then as lieutenant governor and then as governor. But he broke all those rules and used his own rules and running on a Republican ticket in a Democratic State, he made it!

As Schwarzenegger would later write, “I did not follow the rules of how it works in politics. I was not interested in a political career. I wanted to be a public servant-that was my rule.”

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