CDF Is Still Important To Our Development

By Millie Mabona


One time around 2004/5 while driving between Mbita and Homabay, I saw a beautiful primary school in a remote part of HB constituency. I was surprised and asked if a church had built it. I was told it was built using CDF. Though originally a great sceptic of CDF, I have since come to experience first hand, how CDF is making a huge difference. ( i am not just saying this because i happen to be an MP). The law that brought it forth may stick out as a sore thumb constitutionally but that does not change it’s impact. Most people in rural areas like CDF. It responds to most needs that even the governor has no constitutional mandate over such as building of schools. Through the emergency budget line, we are able to deal with collapsed bridges and repair roofs of schools blown up. We are able to build toilets where they collapse due to flooding. National government and Counties somehow can not respond with the same speed. Kenyans too have come to see MPs role as encompassing largely development and not legislative and oversight functions alone. The law that would be difficult to enact is one that ensures a mental paradigm shift. Having said that, my understanding of the Ruling is, right now status quo is maintained. I am yet to read the 70 plus page ruling. ( Okay for my colleagues who are judges and magistrates, on a light note, perhaps we need to shorten rulings by referring to links). Yawa! 70 pages! When do I get the time while responding to a phone call every 5 or so minutes on issues on the ground? Need to repair Rusinga ring- road, Ambassador Pamela Girls has no dorm and form Is are checking in? Father Tillen school no class for Form Is, Lambwe has no water and there is cholera outbreak in neighboring constituency with absolutely no drugs and no ambulatory services. Five of the best students can not access school due to fees? I dont know about you- i know i need CDF in Mbita. Incidentally CDF has been singled out as a best practice in Africa.

Hon Millie Mabona is the Member of Parliament for Mbita

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