INTELLIGENCE EXPERT says alleged Hon Muchai KILLERS may just be DECOY to cover for ‘INFLUENTIAL KILLER’

The six member Kiambu gang who were produced in court charged with the murder of Hon George Muchai and his three security staff are have a doubtful profile, they dont seem to be a high pedigree that can execute such a murder high level murder with super precision.

An intelligence source has intimated that the six member gang may be a decoy to cover up for the real killers who may have acted on orders from an influential politician.

The way politicians and media were all over implicating Atwoli and COTU is an indication that they may have been used directly or indirectly to cover for the real killers.

death mp

Here is how one pundit Boniface Nyangla wondered loud on his Facebook Timeline;

”Muchai Murder: a 28 year old tomato vendor, with no history of professional training in handling firearms, shot four people in a car, killing each with a single shot, and he did it so quickly that none of the professionally trained bodyguards had time to react. 4 shots killing 4 people (among them trained security officers) in less than probably 10 seconds.

This guy is better than Sylvester Stallone ( Rambo)! Meanwhile, as they heard the shots they waited patiently for their turn? A G3 has a recoil before it loads the next shot.

Remember this guy had a single kill shot for each one of them, rotate, aim and shoot assuming these victims who were shot,posed like statues. Wow!A HK/G3 becomes just another gun outside the infantry arena .I have seen men dislocate their shoulders firing a HK/G3 in a standing position and poor stance.

I have seen platoon drill groundsmen, sergeants and steady cadets on the ground,with a boot between their shoulder blades, just to emphasize on the importance of bending and digging-in the lead leg for stability. So, is a “tomato vendor” expected to muster such a fine art without training?
Cc:KDF,Kenya Police Service,KWS & Kenya Prisons Service”

The suspects were identified as

1. Steven Astiva Lipopo, alias Chokore, is 35 years old who does menial jobs at occasionally a tout at Kangemi bus terminus

2. Raphael Kimani Gachie, alias Kim Butcher, is 35 years old butcher in Kangemi

3. Mustafa Kimani Anyonyi, alias Musto 23 years, a hawker in Kangemi area and also does manial jobs like carrying luggage and washing cars

4. Eric Isabwa Munyeria, alias Chairman, a tomato vendor in Kangemi Open-air Market

5. Margaret Njeri Wachiuri is 30years old married to Munyeria and

6. Jane Wanjiru Kamau, alias Shiro is 25 years old married to Musto

The police said Eric Munyeria was armed with a G3 rifle and did all the killing.

Munyeria who is 28-years-old works as a tomato distributor at the Kangemi Open-air Market and is a father of one.

Now, with such a profile one wonders who they execute Muchai with such a clinical finish!


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