A shamba boy believed to have masterminded the murder of Cecilia Mwangi’s mother has been arrested.
Cecilia, the former Miss Kenya has been left distraut after her mother’s alleged murder.
“She left Nairobi on February 4 for Kitale. We spoke on Wednesday at around 4pm and that was the last I ever heard from her. When I tried to call her on Thursday morning at around 8.30, her phone was off.
I thought she would call back,” Cecilia said.
On February 6, Cecilia called the local pastor to check on her mother.
“The pastor spoke to my grandmother who said she had not seen my mother since Wednesday.
That’s when the search started and she was found in the chicken pen,” said Cecilia.
The anti-jigger campaigner claims it was an inside job since the electricity in her mother’s house had been disconnected and some of her valuables stolen.
“Some of the nine suspects including the house girl have been arrested.
They have also confessed that the shamba boy had asked them to come for their pay on February 5 after ‘finishing’ the job,” the former Miss Kenya said.
Cecilia has accused the shamba boy of planning her mother’s death.
The body of 59-year-old Sarah Mwangi, a Kitale based businesswoman, was discovered in a poultry house days after she had gone missing.
Cecilia confirmed to The Nairobian that the body discovered on February 9 was that of her mother.
She said the family reported the matter at Kitale police station after her mother went missing.
The body was discovered in Sango village in the neighbouring Kinyoro ward in Trans Nzoia County and was covered with chicken feed.
Area Assistant Chief Mr Richard Ngeiywa said residents stumbled on the decomposing body following a search in the poultry house.
He revealed that three suspects including the deceased’s house girl have been arrested. He also claimed that a casual worker at the home has gone underground.Cecilia-Mwangi

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